- Mobilisation 15 novembre CRA Coquelles-Calais -

Mobilisation for the 15th of november in front of the Detention Center Coquelles-Calais

Call for decentralised action in front of all detention centers

Detention centers are the principal tools of nation states to achieve their politics of harrassment, dehumanisation and deportation of foreigners that are judged as unwanted. The one in Couquelles, situated behind the police station of the PAF (border police) next to the Cite Europe (a huge commercial center where everything is being done to attract british tourists and consumers), is a prison just for foreigners. It entails a special court inside (the annexe of Boulogne) where quick decisions on the destinies of human beings who’s only crime consists of being born elsewhere, are taken without representation.

In 2012, 44 000 people have been detained by the french state in CRAs (administrative detention centers) spread over the whole french territory. This means thousands of people, among them families with minors, are locked up in places of deprivation of liberty.

For years the associations supporting the migrants have alerted the public about the numerous physical and moral violations of human dignity of the persons imprisoned in the CRAs and the waiting zones of the airports. The last report of « Open Access Now » relayed by the CIMADE, « the hidden face of detention camps in Europe » is particularly revealing. Migrants are often moved out by force from the french territory after their detention (56 000 removals in 2012). Such institutional violence results in suicides and other acts of desperation like hunger strikes, mutilations, but also protest actions by the detainees that oppose their living conditions and the physical abuse they suffer at the hands of the police inside the CRAs. On top of deportation some equally face the risk of death : just recently on 21st August 2014 one detainee of the CRA Vincennes was killed by the police while being transported to the airport.

We remind that the migrants are persons fleeing from distraous living conditions or that simply want to live a different life. We remind that in the 19th century millions of Europeans have immigrated in all directions, fleeing from the misery on the « old continent » We remind that the wealth of occidental countries is also based on the plundering and the exploitation of the resources and populations of the regions where the migrants come from. The places of imprisonment, the CRAs, facilitate the capitalist system in its control of populations. They are part of the security industry financed by the European Union and supported by national and multnational companies that make massive profits from it. The CRAs, as all other places of imprisonement, are the consequence of capitalist barbarism (the militarisation of the borders caused the death of 3500 people during the last three years according to Amnesty International).





Mobilisation 15 novembre CRA Coquelles-Calais

- Mobilisation 15 novembre CRA Coquelles-Calais -

- Appel pour mobilisation conjointe devant tous les CRA -


Les centres de rétention sont l'outil principal de l'Etat dans sa politique de harcèlement, de déshumanisation et d'expulsion des étranger-es jugé-es
indésirables. Celui de Coquelles situé derrière le commissariat de la PAF, construit à la fermeture du centre de Sangatte, à coté de la Cité Europe, (énorme complexe
commercial où tout est fait pour attirer touristes anglais et consommateurs), est une prison spéciale pour étranger-es qui comporte dans
son enceinte un tribunal d'exception, annexe du TGI de Boulogne, où est décidé de manière expéditive et sans témoins, le sort de vies humaines dont
le seul crime est d'être nées ailleurs.

En 2012, 44 000 personnes ont été détenues par l’État français dans des Centres de Rétention Administrative (CRA) répartis dans tout le pays. Cela
veut dire que des milliers de personnes, dont des familles avec des mineurs, sont enfermées et entassées dans des lieux de « privation de
liberté ».

Depuis des années, les associations d’aide aux migrant-es alertent l’opinion publique quant aux nombreuses atteintes à la dignité humaine et
aux violences physiques  et morales qui touchent les personnes enfermées dans les CRA et les zones d’attentes situées dans les aéroports, (le
dernier rapport de Open Access Now, relayé par la CIMADE, "la face cachée des camps d'étranger-es en Europe" est éloquent à ce propos). Ils sont
souvent éloignées de force du territoire français après leur détention (56000 éloignements en 2012 ). Cette violence institutionnelle entraîne des
suicides et d’autres actes désespérés comme des grèves de la faim, des mutilations, mais aussi des actions de protestation de la part des
enfermé-es qui se révoltent contre leurs conditions de vie et les maltraitances policières subies dans les CRA. Plus que l'expulsion,
certain-es risquent également la mort : le 21 août dernier, c'est un retenu du CRA de Vincennes qui est tué par la police pendant son transfert à

Nous rappelons que les migrant-es sont des personnes fuyant des conditions d’existence désastreuses ou qui tout simplement cherchent à vivre une autre
vie . Nous rappelons qu’au 19ème siècle des millions d’européen-es ont immigré aux quatre coins du monde, fuyant la misère du « vieux continent ».
Nous rappelons que la richesse économique des pays occidentaux est aussi basée sur le pillage et l’exploitation des ressources et des populations
dont sont originaires les migrant-es. 
Les lieux d’enfermement, dont les CRA, servent le système capitaliste dans ses besoins de gestion des populations. Ils font partis du business
sécuritaire financé par l'Europe et soutenue par des entreprises nationales/multinationales qui en tirent un profit pharamineux. Les CRA,
comme les autres lieux d’enfermement, sont des conséquences de la barbarie étatique et capitaliste (la militarisation des frontières a entraîné la
mort de 3 500 personnes ces trois dernières années selon Amnesty international).





groupe information rétention du calaisis


Two More Deaths On The Border

Last Wednesday a 22 year old Sudanese man was severely injured after jumping off a bridge, in an attempt to gain access to a truck. He died from his injuries a couple of days later in hospital. His friends and community are grieving at the loss.

This news is coming just a few days after the death of a 16 year old girl from Ethiopia, who was killed trying to cross the highway.

This tragic news serves as another reminder that the reality of borders involves constant violence and death. In Calais we are aware of at least 12 deaths since January. Whilst the tragedy that occurred off the coast of Lampedusa in October last year has lead to a greater awareness and discussion of the consequences for those who cross into Fortress Europe are facing, deaths occurring within Europe are still largely ignored. In their report published in September 2014, the International Organization on Migration only recorded 7 deaths on internal borders in the EU.

We will not forget the lives who are lost on this border. We will never forget

What a mess…

Today has seen an eviction decision concerning Fort Galloo by the court, and the return of fascist scumbags in town.

After a long juridicial procedure the judge has made a final decision on the squat cannot remain. As of yet there is no date for eviction set by the prefecture (lazy shitheads). Meanwhile no alternative provision for the migrants has been offered, the women’s shelter is already over capacity, and promise of a daycenter is nothing but an empty gesture.

As if this wasn’t enough we had to suffer Marine le Pig coming with her fascist cronies to show their faces in order to spread their politics of hate and to benefit from the frustrations in Calais. Whilst about 100 fash turned out to see the Queen of the Right, about 30 anti-fascists came out to disrupt Marine’s airtime on the TV/radio. As usual, the police protected the fascists which resulted in 1 anti-fa being punched in the stomach by a high ranking police officer and another had their finger broken by a cop.

At this time of humanitarian crisis which calls for political innovation we see nothing but the same tired reactionary, racist politics being facilitated by the police. In the end the only “solutions” that have materialised are 100 extra cops and a NATO security fence all in the name of securing the border for the UK. With over 2,000 migrants in Calais and winter on its way, perhaps now is the time to try opening the borders…?

Wide angle on Calais

A post from watchtheborders.wordpress.com, to find under the following link:


It is about the current situation in Calais, some news and general stuff about the city.

short clipping:

There are over 2000 migrant people in Calais, more than in 2009 , and their number is rising. The main difference is that there are many more women and children now. They are living in makeshift camps in appalling conditions. Calais jungle is back, and full of people. Most of them are refugees from the most war torn countries in the world. The local associations who support the migrants are struggling to cope as there is not enough food, not enough tents, not enough blankets, nor clothes, nor shoes. People are hungry all the time and in most cases they don’t even have access to water. With winter coming the situation, already more than critical, will become untenable. The coming winter is to be extremely cold, according to forecasts.”

A September in Calais

The Demonstrations

On September 5 a few hundred migrants demonstrated joyously in the streets of Calais to demand that they be able to cross to England and that police violence stop. They were also demonstrating against racism, for liberty and for respect for human rights.

On September 7, over 200 people, sympathisers of ‘sauvons calais’, held a demonstration with the mayor’s blessings on the square before the town hall. Speeches were given by various members of the ultra extreme right, there were fascists banners and fascist salutes in the assembly. An investigation will be opened. A counter demonstration was organized by the antifa in the region to protest against the fascist gathering. On the same day, the citizens wanted to organize a festive footbal match in the old city, the field in the old city where the migrants have played for 2 years already was declared forbidden by the town hall on that occasion. The tournament took place anyway on an appropriated field and it finished beautifully with a rap battle. Continuing on the same path since then, the town hall continues to forbid migrants from playing football on ‘it’s’ field, and sends officers accompanied by guard dogs to prevent people from occupying the field every Sunday. They have even shown an interest in filing a complaint against ‘illicit occupation’.

The Migrants

They continue to arrive in dozens to Calais and nearby… There are about 1500 in Calais. Some of them are staying at Tioxide, a squatted field, and in the surrounding dunes. The others are in squats or other fields around Calais. 300 are in ‘Fort Galloo’ , an enormous squat opened during the demonstration on July 10. Cohabitation is problematic due to stress, repression, regular menacing from the Calais fascists and exhaustion. The enforcement judge, the last judge to take a decision on the squat, after an initial decision to evict in August, authorized scientific experts to inquire and will reconvene on the 24 and 25 of September to give a final decision on October 17

Crossing and Repression

For several weeks the migrants have gathered en masse along the motorway at the entry to the port to try to clime onto lorries that are in traffic. They regularly try their luck entering the port en masse. A new CRS company has been called to try to stop them from crossing, and we’ve regularly heard stories of violence (gassing the inside of the trucks, beatings) and seen injuries among the migrants. There are countless instances of intimidation, police agression, injuries at the port, around the jungles and in the city.

The Extreme Right

Several activists have been subject to verbal and/or physical agression by individual fascists during the past weeks. Those noxious individuals are very present and don’t hesitate to provoke the humanitarians, the migrants or sympathizers with nazi salutes. At the beginning of the month a 15 year old girl was assaulted by fascists and given death threats. On 19/09 some individuals threw molotov cocktails at a squat which housed primarily Egyptians with children.Vigilance in the face of these provocations adds a new stress that we don’t really need.

The Game FR/UK

A new UK-Franco Joint Declaration has been made. They decided together to create a ‘common fund in the framework of an agreement on the struggle against clandestine immigration at the Calais port’ which ‘would allow to wind down the crisis that has plagued the migration question in Calais for several years’ : Translation : Re-inforce the borders, increase repression, coordinate with third countries to facilitate expulsions… plus a tiny bit of humanity so as not to lose face !


The situation is become equally difficult to manage in Calais for the activists, the militants, the humanitarians, the migrants and… the CRS !

Calais is the mirror of what happens at all the borders to Europe : Mellila, Lampedusa, Greece, Tunisia, Bulgaria…….

Thousands of people try to reach Europe, a place of peace and serenity for them. Even if the hospitality in Europe and the UK is problematic, they know that they won’t die of hunger there and they won’t be hit by bombs. And Europe doesn’t see where the problem is and they ban crossing while constructing a fortress, an army, walls, continuing to send arms to rebels or non rebels, crying danger about one or another ‘terrorist’ group and continuing to empty the African soil of all of its riches.

On the Programme in the Following Weeks :

Increased difficulties for migrants in crossing, growing tensions everywhere, evictions of places of living, deportations en masse to countries of transit or departure…… and new arrivals of migrants from Italy, Choucha, Spain, Greece….

Already on 23/09/2014 in Paris: a hundred people, mostly Sudanese and Eritrean, were stopped in a raid at pont de la Chapelle at 6 :30 and taken to the police station.


The Work on Our Plates:

Today there are 4 of us on the ground in Calais, that doesn’t help us much to meet the high challenges that are presented to us. There is also a lot of work to do surrounding spreading information to different communities on the repressive decisions that have been taken, on constructive tools on the growing risks of deportation, for example : France successfully deported a Sudanese person to Sudan on September 17 and has been reserving flights to Khartoum since the start of the summer.