Radical Migrant Solidarity, a practical guide compiled by some activists working in Calais



Calais Violences Policieres vs Cazeneuve, mai 2015 from Calais Migrant Solidarity (with English subtitles)

Violences Policières a Calais, made January 2015 by Mattieu Quillet (original French; here in English)

Homeless In Calais; Eviction of Squats complied by a friend in November 2013 (english)

City of the Faceless, a film made by Chris Grodotzki on Calais & our work, from 2011 (english)

The Hardest Winter in Calais a film from No Borders made May 2010

Escape from Calais‘, collaboratively made music video on Calais (2010)

Medecins du Monde video ‘Les invisibles de Calais’ – from February 2010 (in French)

No Border YouTube channel – with some videos from 2009

Video of daily life of migrants/police violence in Calais in August 2009, (both in French and English)


Personal Blogs about Calais:

Passeurs d’hospitalités

Walled In

No Mercy

For other blogs and websites about migration across Europe see our blog roll



Calais Flickr

Resistance Magazine (article from June 2010)

Toward Freedom (article from August 2010)

New Internationalist (article from October 2009)

Shift Magazine (Interview about No Borders Camp, Calais June 2009)

Last Hours article (on No Borders Camp 2009)

Resonance article (on No Borders Camp, 2009)

Zine about solidarity work in Calais (made 2009)

Old articles can also be found on Schnews



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