Radical Migrant Solidarity, a practical guide compiled by some activists working in Calais
Calais, Calais (EN) / (FR) / (DE)
This is about activism at the borders.
On the one hand about experience, images
On the other about inquiring, searching.
And about questions, open ones
Then a consequence, again.
In the end it’s about resistance.


Calais Violences Policieres vs Cazeneuve, mai 2015 from Calais Migrant Solidarity (with English subtitles)

Violences Policières a Calais, made January 2015 by Mattieu Quillet (original French; here in English)

Homeless In Calais; Eviction of Squats complied by a friend in November 2013 (english)

City of the Faceless, a film made by Chris Grodotzki on Calais & our work, from 2011 (english)

The Hardest Winter in Calais a film from No Borders made May 2010

Escape from Calais‘, collaboratively made music video on Calais (2010)

Medecins du Monde video ‘Les invisibles de Calais’ – from February 2010 (in French)

No Border YouTube channel – with some videos from 2009

Video of daily life of migrants/police violence in Calais in August 2009, (both in French and English)

Personal Blogs about Calais:

Passeurs d’hospitalités

Walled In

No Mercy

For other blogs and websites about migration across Europe see our blog roll

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