Know your rights in France (EN) / La Garde a Vue (FR) A survival kit for dealing with the French police and the French justice system.

Gender Zine – Some people wrote a zine about their personal experiences of gender-related issues in Calais. This zine is not intended for mass distribution but if you are planning on coming to Calais or have been there before you can request the PDF.

Trapped on the border: a brief history of solidarity squatting practices (EN)
A zine for activists that briefly explores how practices of squatting in Calais persist in this hostile context through examples from the city’s history of ‘migrant squats’ of various kinds. Written from the perspective of native Europeans who have been squatting in Calais for many years, we aim to show how squatting has been critical in not only addressing the immediate problems of illegalized migrant accommodation here but also in confronting, redressing and challenging the political discourse while simultaneously creating bonds of solidarity and encouraging autonomy in migrant communities.

Calais, Calais (EN) / (FR) / (DE)
This is about activism at the borders. On the one hand about experience, images. On the other about inquiring, searching. And about questions, open ones. Then a consequence, again. In the end it’s about resistance.

Radical Migrant Solidarity, a practical guide compiled by some activists working in Calais (2009)

‘Riots’ in the Jungle– A collective text on the politics of the ‘riots’ during the time of the Jungle

Dead and missing at sea, an information guide for families and their supporters, in arabic, tygrinia, french, english and italian

Soutenir les personnes en centre de rétention en France // Supporting people in detention in France, a short guide for those who have close ones in deport centers in France // un guide pour les personnes qui ont des proches enfermé-es dans un centre de rétention en France.

La liste des CRA // List of the french detention centers, un répertoire des centres de rétention français. A list of the french detention centers and their contacts.

Un kit de survie face à la police et face à la justice : un guide informatif concernant la garde à vue, les contrôles d’identité, les violences policières,


Statement from hunger strikers during the eviction of the Jungle  – For more info visit:

AGAINST THE BORDER – This is a montage of recordings, mainly from the current jungle, all from Calais.

Fascist and police collaboration in Calais – This video depicting attacks on Jungle residents and direct cooperation between members of the police (CRS) and neo-nazi group Calaisien en Colere.

Police tear gas attacks in the Jungle (7/01/2016)

Calais Jungle police assaults (5 & 6/01/2015) – The video referenced by Banksy in his piece depicting tear gas attacks in the Jungle.

Fascist demonstration on Rue des Garennes (13/12/2015) – This video documents the first in a series of mobilisations, outside the Jungle, by the neo-nazi group Calaisien en Colere.

Police fire tear gas onto houses in the Jungle (25/11/2015)

Footage of a tear gas attack on the Jungle (10/11/2015)

CRS fires tear gas into the Jungle (9/11/2015)

A refugee protest at the Eurotunnel. From August, 2015 this video shows what happened when a group of migrants went to the Eurotunnel to try and cross to England. They were confronted by the Gendarmerie as they demanded freedom of movement and to be let through to the UK

Police fire tear gas into the Jungle. This video documents the first tear gas attack on the Calais Jungle.

Calais Eurotunnel, police violence against migrants from June 2015. Footage of a traffic jam and police attacks.

Calais Violences Policieres vs Cazeneuve, mai 2015 from Calais Migrant Solidarity (with English subtitles)

Violences Policières a Calais, made January 2015 by Mattieu Quillet (original French; here in English)

Homeless In Calais; Eviction of Squats complied by a friend in November 2013 (english)

City of the Faceless, a film made by Chris Grodotzki on Calais & our work, from 2011 (english)

The Hardest Winter in Calais a film from No Borders made May 2010

Escape from Calais‘, collaboratively made music video on Calais (2010)

Medecins du Monde video ‘Les invisibles de Calais’ – from February 2010 (in French)

No Border YouTube channel – with some videos from 2009

Video of daily life of migrants/police violence in Calais in August 2009, (both in French and English)

Personal Blogs about Calais:

Passeurs d’hospitalités

Walled In

No Mercy

For other blogs and websites about migration across Europe see our blog roll

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