Support our call! Protest at St. Pancras International, 24th October!

Solidarity with Calais migrants!
Freedom for channel tunnel walker Abdul Rahman Haroun!

Protest at Eurostar, St Pancras International station, London
6pm, Saturday 24th October

In Calais, up to 4000 people are currently trapped at the border. Large groups have been holding regular demonstrations at the Eurotunnel entrance there, calling for the borders to be opened and the violence to stop.

People in Calais are subject to cruel and brutal treatment by police and by private security hired by Eurotunnel, using dogs, razorwire fences and teargas. Of the 15 people killed at the border since June, many have died at the tunnel. The companies Eurostar and Eurotunnel play an active part in the violence at the border, and profit as people die and are injured. In addition, the Eurotunnel company is pressing hard for the prosecution of Abdul Rahman Haroun, the Sudanese man who walked through the tunnel, only to be imprisoned and charged with an obscure 19th century law.

The ‘Refugees Welcome’ demos which took place across Europe in September showed the scale of support for migrants suffering at the borders. But if we are to show effective solidarity, we must move beyond A-B marches and direct our energies towards the institutions and corporations responsible for the so-called “migrant crisis”.

Standing in solidarity with people without papers in Calais, we call for demonstrations and actions against Eurostar, Eurotunnel and the whole border regime of which they are a part. We call for all groups and individuals in solidarity with Calais migrants to protest at Eurostar in St Pancras International station, London, N1C 4QP at 6pm on Saturday 24th October.

We make the following demands:

** Freedom for the channel tunnel walker Abdul Rahman Haroun who is currently in prison in UK.
** Remember all those killed by Eurostar trains, Eurotunnel and Eurostar to give major compensation to their loved ones.
** Remove murderous security, dogs and fences from the tunnel.
** Ask all passengers to stop using Eurostar and Eurotunnel until all can travel freely: with or without papers, with or without tickets.
** Open the borders.

We ask groups standing in solidarity with migrants in Calais to circulate & share this call, and most importantly, come out in large numbers on 24th October.

See you there.

Deux personnes soudanaises ont été expulsées au Soudan

Une personne soudanaise qui était au centre de détention de Coquelles, après avoir été arrêté à Calais,  a été transférée ce matin dans un centre de rétention à Paris, puis emmenée à l’aéroport Charles de Gaulle pour être expulsée au Soudan. Et ce, malgré que le tribunal administratif ait annulé le pays de destination inscrit sur son obligation de quitter le territoire français, et que la préfecture se soit acharchée et ait réinscrit le pays, pour s’assurer que l’expulsion ait bien lieue !

Quelques heures après, courant de l’après-midi, c’est une deuxième personne soudanaise qui a été emmenée à l’aéroport pour être à son tour déportée au Soudan. Arrêtée à Calais il y a une semaine, ce monsieur a d’abord été emmené au centre de rétention de Oissel, en normandie, pratique régulière de harcèlement des exilés de Calais qui consiste à les éloigner, puis il été transféré à Paris pour y être expulsé.

Une personne soudanaise en rétention à Oissel est aujourd’hui menaçée d’expulsion, le consul lui a délivré un laissez-passer qui fait qu’il peut être renvoyé au Soudan à n’importe quel moment….

Nous ignorons ce qu’ils se passe dans les autres centre de rétention en ce moment, mais c’est possible que ces pratiques criminelles concernent d’autres personnes.

Fight the criminal gangs

“Franco-British joint declaration of august 21, 2015

On 20 August 2015 in Calais, Bernard Cazeneuve, Minister of the Interior, signed an agreement with his British counterpart, Mrs Theresa May, providing for a strengthening of security measures […] Exceptional resources were provided to ensure its security and prevent intrusions by migrants trying to reach the United Kingdom. […] Today’s agreement states that the British government will devote euro10 million over two years to strengthening police cooperation and providing additional resources to make the site secure, financing security fences and CCTV cameras. It will also help Eurotunnel increase the number of its security staff from 150 to 250.
[…] 12. Since the end of June this year, as a result of increased security at the port, migrants have switched their focus,
seeking to gain access via the Coquelles and Cheriton railheads of the Channel Tunnel (including at significant risk to their own lives).”
No fences will ever stop people from trying to reach UK. More fences, more police, more gas, more  broken legs, more death. That is all you get for your millions of pounds. The only way to stop the killing is to fucking open the gate to the UK that the humans who are stuck here don’t have to risk their lives but travel in security and dignity.

One day you going to be pay off for the people you are killing on the border here in Calais. You know that with every euro you invest in the “security of the border” you are driving humans to death and suffering.

Demo with support of the “Coalition internationale des Sans-papiers et Migrants” of Berlin, Lille and Paris

Rejoignez-nous, Vendredi le 25 Septembre, a la entrée du Jungle a 14:00 heures

Join us in protest, on Friday the 25th of September, departing the Jungle at 14.00

Essayer ou mourir

Essayer d’arriver au Royaume Uni ou mourir

Dans la jungle on meurt lentement: Dans l´Eurotunnel on mort rapidement

Je ne vais pas vivre sans ma famille

les enfants, leurs pères leur manquent

les mères, leurs enfants leur manquent

la liberté de circulation c´est un droit pour tous

la libérte de voayager dans tous les pays. La liberté de traverser toutes les frontieres

et le droit à un logement décent et digne, dans la ville, pas dans la bidonville.

humanité et dignité ou rien

nous appellons tous les peuples qui soutiennent la lutte des réfugiés à venir et participer à la manifestation avec nous et demander nos droits essentiel:

Nous continuerons de demander le respect de nos personnes et de nos droits, dont celui de manifester jusqu’à ils nous ecoutons



Try or die

Try to reach the UK or die

In the jungle we are dying slowly. At the train station we die quickly.

I won´t live without my family.

The children, they miss thier fathers.

The mothers, they miss thier children.

Freedom of movement is a right for all.

Freedom to move to any country. Freedom to cross all borders.

And dignified, decent housing, in the city, not in the jungle ghetto.


we call upon all people who support the struggle of the refugees to come and to make a protest with us to demand our human rights, and to keep demanding them and protesting until we are listened to.


Tear gas attack on the jungle

Early this afternoon there was a traffic jam on the motorway near the jungle. Many people went there to try and get into the lorries. The police reacted by pushing them back in the jungle with use of batons and spray, and they fired tear gas on the jungle itself. At least 10 salvos of tear gas were fired indiscriminately into jungle near the part of the camp where many Eritrean women live, there are also children in that part of the jungle. People fought back with stones. The police are using intense violence to push people back into the jungle and prevent people from exiting. They also flew a drone over the jungle during the clashes to watch the people. One person is currently in hospital also having been shot in the stomach with a rubber bullet. Video here.

gas 4

tear gas

gas 3