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VIDEO: Calais Police hand truck driver baton to assist in violence against refugees

On Wednesday the 15th of April 2015 one of our cop watch teams captured this footage of two CRS riot police handing a truck driver their batons, with the intention of assisting him in the illegal assault of refugees found in the back of his lorry. We have heard many stories from migrants about how the police beat them in the back of trucks where you are ‘at their mercy’ and there are no witnesses. This sadistic tactic is used to deter refugees travelling to Britain. The footage was captured near the entrance of the Euro-Tunnel and shows French police breaking French law by handing a lorry driver their weapons and watching as he uses them to assault or intimidate unarmed and vulnerable people inside his vehicle. You see the police handing their batons to the driver at 1 minute 16 seconds and 1 minute 50 seconds in the video.

CRS hand driver baton 1min16secPolice hand another baton to driver 1min 50sec

At 2 minutes 53 seconds you see a migrant coming out of the truck. From 4 minutes 10 seconds you can see the CRS van registration AL 178 JH, despite distortion created by the heat of the day. We apologize for filming this crime at long range and not intervening but have learned from bitter experience that making ourselves known to the police results in cop watch teams being assaulted, arrested and having their cameras destroyed, leaving the violence to continue undocumented. This video clearly shows the French state breaking its own laws in order to assist the British state in its dirty and illegal war of intimidation against refugees. Unfortunately this is not an exceptional incident but an example of the disgusting tactics deployed every day to enforce the border in Calais.

Who was Jules Ferry?

The Jules Ferry Day Center is officially opened. While presentetd as a humanitarian solution to what (right wing) media, politicians and the state call „migrant crisis“ it is mainly a place of control, repression and segregation and stands for the racist and neo-colonialist imigration policy of UK and France. We should have expected nothing less than it being named after a colonialist. It would be cynical if it wasn’t so self-evident.

Jules Ferry is known for being a politician and prime minister of France in the late 19th century. He is famous and celebrated for introducing free primary education for boys. Nonetheless even a brief internet research shows everybody that Jules Ferry was a racist, proponent of colonialism and instigated for example the colonization of Tunesia. In a speach 1884 he stated amongst other things:”We must say openly that indeed the higher races have a right over the lower races…”. He supported colonialism to ensure France the „first rank“ in the world just like now the French governement supports the ongoing explotation and migrants from the global south in Europe to ensure their economic and political power. However because his politics of colonial expansion and explotation of areas in Africa was not (fully) supported by the parliament he was forced to resign in 1885. Nonetheless he is now listed multiple times as one of France’s outstanding personalities and the naming of roads, buildings and institutions shows how uncritical the French state is of him.

Now People who are in Calais because of the violence of colonialism and neo-colonialism in their home countries are forced to use the new day center that is named after a racist and colonialist.
This is nor a surprise or a contradiction, it just shows exactly what the Day center Jules Ferry is and is meant to be.

Police Presence in the new Jungle

It seems that the cops are trying to make their presence felt in the new jungle.

Running above and alongside it, the highway gives a good vantage point for the police to look in on the new jungle. So far there have been many visits from police, just sitting there and spying in from the highway.

There have been reports of police inside the jungle, looking around the camps people have built, and of a helicopter over the space.

Also, it seems that people are being controlled when they come back into the jungle.

Update on Today

As of today the police have failed to come to evict any of the places. Their threats seem to be another tactic of intimidation and exhaustion, forcing people to wake up early.

police plan actions for tomorrow, friday

we got called by friends from the syrian community who live outside the church and the friends who live outside the BCMO saying that the police have gone there today, thursday, once more. The police said that they will come tomorrow, friday to destroy their homes.
The ultimatum to leave for the people in front of the BSMO is friday 6am, the one for the church at 10am.

there  is a request for people to be there in the night and in the morning to support them the moment the police will come.

the police did not go to galloo with the same message but it is possible that they will go there tomorrow too.

please spread this info.


la police plannifier des qctions pour demain, vendredi

nous nous sommes appelés par des amis de la communauté syrienne qui vivent en dehors de l’église et les amis qui vivent à l’extérieur du BCMO disant que la police y ont passé aujourd’hui, jeudi, une fois de plus. La police a dit qu’ils vont venir demain, vendredi à détruire leur domicile.
L’ultimatum de quitter pour les personnes en face de la BSMO est vendredi 6 heures, l’une pour l’église à 10h.

il ya une demande pour les gens d’être là dans la nuit et le matin pour les soutenir au moment où la police viendra.

la police ne est pas allé Galloo avec le même message, mais il est possible qu’ils y aller demain aussi.
s’il vous plaît diffuser cette information.

Why we are not moving ; from residents of Galloo

The end of March has come. There are many people who have, under the threat of eviction and violence from the police, gone to the new camp around Jules Ferry. However there are some people left in some of the old living places who have no intention to move.

Here is a statement from some residents of Galloo about why they are not going to leave

– In the new place there are no walls to protect the people from wind, it is open without any protection from the rain. The squat we have now protects us from the weather

-The new place can be controlled by the police and they will be able to make restrictions on people’s movement

-Government will not provide toilets or electricity or building in the new place

-This place we have now is near to the prefecture, and other associations and organisations some of us need to see for making aslyum in France

-Some people demand asylum in France and they have applied for a home. They decide not to go until they get their homes

-The new place is far from the centre and far away from where we normally live in Calais

– There is too much garbage in the new place and its not hygenic, many people will get sick

– His industrial area and there is too much smoke because of fire and plastic being burned

– There is bad drainage and there is too much grass, and the place is for hunting may be dangerous for being shooting by chased gun

-Some organisations which give food here can’t go with us to the new place

-There is not enough space for everyone

-It will be difficult for us to adapt to the new place

The evictions have started / Les expulsions ont commencé

At the moment we are getting a lot of questions about when the evictions are going to happen or start. Lets be clear, they started a long time ago. Just because the police have not gone into the jungles and squats and destroyed them in a big violent media spectacle, they have been happening and will continue for a long time.

They started when the plans for the new day centre were announced. They continued when they announced that everybody has no choice but to move to the land outside the centre, and no other living spaces will be tolerated. They continued when many people claiming asylum in Calais were re-homed to other cities in order to reduce the numbers of people on the ground. They continued when daily police violence and arrests increased dramatically over the last few weeks, making sure that people were tired and exhausted and with no energy left to face the police. They continued when they Offi and the police continue to visit living places, counting down the days until the police are coming, making sure people feel like they have no choice but to go.

Pschologically and physically harassing people into moving to a place they don’t want to go is an eviction. Maybe this has not been an eviction that makes for a good news report the way you write them, there are no dramatic photos, but it is an eviction none the less.

Last week (as we have said before) the women from the Women’s House were moved, against their wishes, to a new house inside of the day centre. Over the weekend everyone from the camp Tioxide and the Afghan jungle in Bois Debruille moved to the new day centre. They did not do this by choice. They did this under threat of arrest, violence, and destructions of their homes.


En ce moment nous recevons beaucoup de questions sur le moment où les expulsions vont se produire ou quand démarrer. Soyons clair- ils ont commencé il ya longtemps. Juste parce que la police n‘est pas allés dans les jungles et les squats pour les détruire de manière ultra spectaculaire, médiatique et surtout violente, il y’avait quand meme des expulsions et elles continueront encore pendant longtemps.

Les expulsion ont commencé lorsque le projet du nouveau centre de jour a été annoncés. Elles ont continué quand ils ont annoncé que toutes personnes n’aurait pas d’autre choix que d’aller sur le terrain autour du centre, et que aucun autre lieux de vie ne serait tolérée. Elles ont continué quand beaucoup de demandeur d’asile à Calais ont été placés, dans d’autres villes afin de réduire le nombre de personnes sur le terrain. Elles ont continué lorsque la violence et les arrestations au quotidien par la police ont considérablement augmenté pour faire un sorte que les gens étaient fatigués et épuisés et sans énergie pour faire face à la police. Elles ont continué quand l’Offi et la police ont visité regulièrement les lieux de vie, pour sassurer que les gens n’ont pas l’impression d’avoir d’autre choix que de quitter leurs lieux de vie.

D’harceler les gens psychologiquement et physiquement pour qu’ils se déplaçent à un endroit où ils ne veulent pas aller est une expulsion. Peut-être que cela n’a pas été une expulsion qui en fait un bon articledans le journals pour les journalistes qui vivent de la sensation- il n’y a pas de photos spectaculaires, mais ce mine de rien une expulsion.

La semaine dernière (comme nous l’avons déjà dit) les femmes de la Maison des femmes ont été déplacés, contre leur volonté, à une nouvelle maison à l’intérieur du centre de jour. Au cours du week-end tout le monde du campement Tioxide et de la jungle afghane à Bois Debruille s’est déplacé vers le nouveau centre de jour. Ils ne l‘ont pas fait par choix. Ils l’ont fait sous la menace d’arrestation, la violence et les destructions de leurs maisons.