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Death at the border // Mort à la frontière

A 16 years old young Eritrean man succumbed to his wounds Wednesday, after having been hurt on the highway near Calais port, on last Friday, the 23, March.

This is the third known death from Calais border in 2018.

A memorial gathering was held yesterday at Parc Richelieu.


Un jeune érythréen de 16 ans a succombé à ses blessures mercredi, après avoir été grièvement blessé sur la rocade portuaire le vendredi 23 mars.

Le rassemblement pour lui rendre hommage a eu lieu hier soir.

C’est le troisième décès connu à la frontière de Calais en 2018.




Solidarity with the #Stansted15

solidarity with stansted 15

On Monday the 19th of March, the trial of fifteen people involved in disrupting a Titan Airways deportation flight from Stansted airport in March 2017 will begin at Chelmsford Crown Court in Essex, UK. If found guilty, the maximum sentence they face is life imprisonment.

The fifteen defendants, from a coalition of three groups (End Deportations, Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants, and Plane Stupid), sought to halt a deportation charter flight carrying 57 people to Nigeria by using tube lock-ons and a tripod to prevent the airplane from taking off. Their actions caused a 48-hour delay to the flight, which gave 34 of the 57 people scheduled to be deported time to pursue appeals and to be taken off the flight.

This action is the first time that a deportation charter flight has been prevented from leaving the UK through direct action on the runway, exposing a weakness in the British Home Office’s deportation infrastructure that could lead to future successful actions. It is also the first time that anti-terror legislation is being utilised to prosecute the use of non-violent direct action to halt a deportation charter flight from the UK. By threatening the Stansted 15 with the possibility of life imprisonment the British government wants to send a strong message and discourage meaningful resistance to their hostile environment. They do not want anyone to challenge the legally dubious and repugnant “deport first, appeal later” approach that the British Home Office is using.

From 8:30am on Monday 19th of March, people will be rallying outside Chelmsford Crown Court to support the defendants and to call for an end to all deportations. The trial is expected to last 4-6 weeks and the public gallery will be open during this time.

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Death at the border // Mort à la frontière

A 25 years old young man was found dead, stabbed, in Calais yesterday afternoon, Saturday, 17 March.

This is the second known death from the Calais border in 2018. There will be a memorial gathering today Sunday, 6.30, at Parc Richelieu.

Un jeune homme de 25 ans, probablement afghan, a été trouvé mort à Calais hier samedi 17 mars en fin d’après-midi, poignardé.

C’est le deuxième décès connu à la frontière de Calais en 2018. Il y aura un rassemblement hommage ce soir, dimanche 18 mars, à 18.30 au Parc Richelieu.

Enfermés à Coquelles, risque d’expulsion vers le Soudan // Detained in Coquelles, risk of deportation to Sudan

MISE A JOUR 16 MARS : A et M ont ete libere hier soir. B est toujours enferme et encore plus isole!

UPDATE MARCH 16TH : A and M are released yesterday night. B is still inside and even isolated! /////////

Il y a 3 personnes enfermées au CRA de Coquelles ces temps-ci avec un risque d’expulsion vers le Soudan. Hier matin, deux d’entre eux ont été présentés a l’ambassade du Soudan!!

B a été arrêté a Calais le 27 fevrier, et est détenu au CRA de Coquelles depuis 20 jours. Une demande d’asile rejetée, une OQTF (obligation de quitter le territoire francais) Soudan entre les mains, tout pointe en direction d’une future tentative de déportation vers le Soudan.

M a été arrêté a Calais il y a 15 jours, lui aussi transféré au CRA de Coquelles. Apparemment que le pays de destination avait sauté pour son OQTF mais il a quand même été présenté a l’ambassade.

Quant a A, il est détenu depuis 7 jours et il n’est toujours pas libéré. Il n’a pas encore vu l’ambassade du Soudan, mais ça ne devrait pas tarder.

Au moins deux autres personnes soudanaises ont passé très proche de se voir coller un vol de la France vers le Soudan via un centre de rétention cette année.

I a passé 43 jours au CRA de Coquelles et a été présenté a l’ambassade du Soudan deux fois, avant que la préfecture du Pas-de-Calais n’annule sa décision d’expulsion.

M a passé 28 jours au CRA de Metz, malgré une santé rénale très fragile, et a aussi été présenté a l’ambassade du Soudan, avant que la préfecture de Moisselle n’annule sa décision d’expulsion.

Voir ici le rapport d’Amnesty International de 2016-2017 sur le Soudan :

Ce que vous pouvez faire :

Faire pression sur le gouvernement, 01 49 27 49 27
Interpeller le préfet du Pas-de-Calais pour lui demander d’annuler toutes les OQTF pour le Soudan, ainsi que sa décision d’expulser M. B:
Par téléphone : (+33) (0)
Par fax : (+33) (0)
Le formulaire de contact de la préfecture :
D’autres contacts utiles :
Ministre de l’Interieur Gérard Collomb

Directeur du cabinet de M. Collomb

Secrétaire après le premier ministre pour l’égalité des genres

(Si vous connaissez d’autres contacts de nouveaux membres en charge du cabinet ministériels, s’il vous plait nous écrire et nous allons les ajouter)



As of today, 3 people detained in Coquelles detention center are at risk of a deportation to Sudan. Yesterday morning, 2 of them were presented to the Sudan embassy in the goal to deport them!!

B was arrested on February 27th, and transfered to Coquelles detention center where he still is. Recourses against his placement in retention seem to not change anything, with an asylum claim rejected and an OQTF (obligation to leave the french territory) to Sudan in his hands, everything points in direction of a possible deportation to Sudan in the next few days or few weeks.

M was arrested in Calais and is detained since 13 days in Coquelles detention center. Apparently that the destination country was canceled on the OQTF but he was still presented to the embassy.

As for A he is detained since 7 days. He didn’t see the Sudan embassy yet but we can expect it to happen soon.

At least two other detained Sudaneses almost got a flight scheduled to Sudan this year.

I spent 43 days in the CRA of Coquelles and was presented to the sudanese embassy twice, before the prefecture of Pas-de-Calais canceled his decision of expulsion.

M spent 28 days in the CRA of Metz, despite a fragile kidney health, and was also presented to the sudanese embassy, until the prefecture of Moisselle canceled his decision of expulsion.

Here is the 2016-2017 report of Amnesty International on Sudan :

What you can do :

Contact the Prefecture of Pas-de-Calais who is responsible for the detention and deportation of those people and can therefore cancel his decisions :
By telephone : (+33) (0)
By fax : (+33) (0)
Other useful contacts :
Minister of Interior Mr. Gerard Collomb

Director of the Cabinet of Mr. Collomb

Secretaire after of Prime Minister for Gender equality

(If you know the contacts of the new members in charge of the ministerial cabinets please write to us and we’ll add it)


Dispositif anti-bavure

Cette semaine est apparu sur les pylônes électriques de la rue des Verrotières à Calais, un dispositif revolutionnaire s’inspirant à la fois des systèmes anti-pigeons et des installations urbaines anti-SDF.

L’intérêt de ce nouveau dispositif n’est cependant pas d’empêcher (pour une fois) l’installation d’indésirables (humains ou volatiles), mais d’empêcher des personnes vulnérables de grimper en haut de ces pylônes… Car des personnes ont, ces derniers mois, eu l’indécence d’y grimper et de menacer de se jeter dans le vide lors d’agressions policières gratuites et violentes.

La police peut aujourd’hui continuer d’expulser, gazer et frapper, rassurée. Ouf.



They are free! No deportations to Sudan from France // Libres! Pas de deportations vers le Soudan de la France

I and M, both incarcerated in the detention centers of Coquelles and Metz, were at risk of deportation to Sudan. And they are now free! Yesterday, both the prefecture of Pas-de-Calais and Moiselle review their decisions after mails were sent to ask them to cancel their decision to deport them.

They were free following a ”reconsideration of their administrative situation”, a prefectoral decision.

This is great they are out, but both of them still were presented to the embassy of Sudan during their time in detention. M on February 14th; I on February 21th, 3 days before his maximal time in detention of 45 days. France is collaborating with a dictature and we must denounce it.

Thanks for all those who sent mails to the prefectures to stop those deportations, we stopped them!

We call on everybody to continue sending mails to the prefecture everytime there’s a deportation, work that seems nor effective or useful, but that actually get results sometimes. As prefets are the signatories of all OQTF (obligation to leave the french territory), they can therefore cancel their decision at anytime.

Sudan is not safe! Let’s stop all deportations!

I et M, deux personnes incarcerees respectivement dans les centres de detention de Coquelles et Metz, risquaient une deportation imminente vers le Sudan. Et ils sont maintenant liberes! Hier, et la prefecture du Pas-de-Calais et celle de Moiselle, ont revise leur decision apres que des mails leur ont ete envoye leur demandant d’annuler leurs decisions d’expulsion.

Ils ont ete liberes suite a un ”reexamen de la situation administrative”, une decision prefectorale.

C’est chouette qu’ils soient sortis, mais tous les deux ont quand meme ete presente a l’ambassade du Soudan durant leur temps en detention. M le 14 fevrier; I le 21 fevrier, 3 jours avant son temps maximal en detention de 45 jours. La France collabore avec une dictature qu’est le Soudan et nous devons le denoncer.

Merci a tou-te-s celleux qui ont envoye des mails aux prefectures, nous avons arrete ensemble ces deportations!

Nous appelons tout le monde a continuer d’envoyer des mails a la prefecture chaque fois qu’il y a une deportation, travail qui peut sembler ni efficace ni utile, mais qui parfois fonctionne. Les prefet-es sont les signataires de toutes les OQTF (obligation de quitter le territoire francais), illes peuvent donc annuler leurs decisions n’importe quand.

Le Soudan n’est pas un pays sur! Continuons d’arreter toutes les deportations!


Two possible deportations to Sudan (no flight scheduled yet but let’s stay vigilant)

Passeurs d’Hospitalites published last week two articles for two people risking a deportation to Sudan.

I. was arrested in Calais, and is detained since 30 days in Coquelles. All legal possibilities were tried, but he is still inside. Today the judge decided to prolong his detention for 15 days, regardless of the fact he CAN be deported. She simply said that ”rarely” deportations are happening to Sudan. One deportation is too much, rarely too! We know they lie, we know deportations to Sudan are occuring.
in french the article –>

M was deported from Netherlands, cause he’s asylum seeker in France. His asylum claim was rejected but Dublin still apply. He’s now in detention in Metz since 15 days and the prefecture is apparently determined to deport him to Sudan.

The statement of his friends in Belgium (translated from french to english) :
Our friend is not an isolated case … But for us it is not a number … When he arrived in France, 2 years ago, he claimed asylum … He has an operation because he suffers of renal failure … But he’s refused asylum and receive an OQTF … He leaves France and stop his treatments and medications … He then arrives in Belgium and doesn’t know his rights … He wants more then ever to reach England where he thinks he can find refuge protection … An land where he can lives peacefully … He sleeps and share our family house while running after happiness … Everytime he’s back tired, injured, beaten by the police or mafias on the parkings … He has an emergency operation, following fights, because he risks a sepsis … He has a tube that should be have been take off a year ago … He gets a temporary new one … His problems with belgian police and the fear of being deported if a new asylum claim is not working out makes him continuing his path through a dream more and more unreachable … He’s arrested in Holland and is incarcerated in Rotterdam for a month … He suffers and develops a new infection but with what he still have of dignity, he refuses to be bring to emergency handcuffed …. He has pain … He’s beautiful … He’s worthy … He’s not eating as he should … He’s losing forces and slowly losing hope … When we visit him, he’s smiling for us but we see the teardrops he’s trying to hide … Today he was deported to France and is detained in the CRA of Metz … He claimed asylum for the second time which has very low chances of success … Let’s prepare for the worst everybody tell us! A return to Sudan would significate for him death … Because he’s very sick … he lefts his country, his family, his roots, because of threats against him, of a real danger of death, he’s actively searched by the dictature … and certainly not to profit from a very lamentable Europe … But as long there is hope, we’ll fight along his side … We’ll not abandon him …

in french the article –>

You can see here the report of Human Rights Watch :

and the one of Amnesty International :

What you can do :

Challenge the government and ask to stop the deportations:, 01 49 27 49 27
Contact the Prefecture of Pas-de-Calais who is responsible for the detention and deportation of I and can therefore cancel their decision :
 By telephone : (+33) (0)
By fax : (+33) (0)
Write a message or call the prefecture of Moselle, Didier Martin, who’s the author of decision of deportation of M, and tell him to cancel his decision:
Other useful contacts :
Minister of Interior Mr. Gerard Collomb

Director of the Cabinet of Mr. Collomb

Secretaire after of Prime Minister for Gender equality

(If you know the contacts of the new members in charge of the ministerial cabinets please write to us and we’ll add it)