IT’S TOMORROW: London and Paris in solidarity with Calais migrants and the Channel Tunnel 3

A final reminder that tomorrow, Saturday, there will be No Borders demonstrations in London St Pancras at 6PM at the Eurostar terminal; and Paris at the Place des Fêtes at 3PM.

We are gathering for the three people — Abdul Rahman Haroun, Payam Moradi Mirahessari, and Farein Vahdani — now in prison in the UK after they walked through the Eurotunnel. We are gathering for all those killed at the border, including 19 people killed so far in Calais this year, 13 of them at the Eurotunnel. We are gathering for our friends and comrades and all those risking their lives and fighting every night and day against the border in Calais and across Fortress Europe. We are gathering as the repression steps up in Calais, with 460 new riot cops in town carrying out a wave of mass arrests, and a big eviction threatened in the jungle.

For further details on the demos see here for the London Eurostar call-out in English, French and Arabic.

And see here for details of the Paris demo.

Finally, here is this video from back in August as a reminder of the passion and commitment with which people are going up against the borders in Calais. Can we make our solidarity active and alive and bring a dose of this passion back to the capital cities tomorrow?

** Freedom for the channel tunnel walkers currently imprisoned in UK.
** Remember all those killed by Eurostar trains, Eurotunnel and Eurostar to give major compensation to their loved ones.
** Remove murderous security, dogs and fences from the tunnel.
** Ask all passengers to stop using Eurostar and Eurotunnel until all can travel freely: with or without papers, with or without tickets.
** Open the borders.