Solidarity with the Calais migrants; free the Channel Tunnel 3! Protest at St. Pancras on 24th!

There are now less than two weeks to go before the solidarity demo at Eurostar St. Pancras. Since we issued the call, two more people have been held in UK prisons for walking through the channel tunnel in a bid to reach safety here. Please read & share our latest callout below.

Solidarity with Calais migrants!
Freedom for the channel tunnel walkers imprisoned in the UK!

Protest at Eurostar, St Pancras International station, London
6pm, Saturday 24th October

In Calais, up to 4000 people are currently trapped at the border. Large groups have been holding regular demonstrations at the Eurotunnel entrance there, calling for the borders to be opened and the violence to stop.

People in Calais are subject to cruel and brutal treatment by police and by private security hired by Eurotunnel, using dogs, razorwire fences and teargas. Of the 15 people killed at the border since June, many have died at the tunnel. The companies Eurostar and Eurotunnel play an active part in the violence at the border, and profit as people die and are injured. In addition, the Eurotunnel company is pressing hard for the prosecution of Abdul Rahman Haroun, the Sudanese man who walked through the tunnel in August, only to be imprisoned and charged with an obscure 19th century law. Since then, two others, Payam Moradi Mirahessari and Farein Vahdani, have made the journey through the tunnel and have been detained and prosecuted under the same law.

The ‘Refugees Welcome’ demos which took place across Europe in September showed the scale of support for migrants suffering at the borders. But if we are to show effective solidarity, we must move beyond A-B marches and direct our energies towards the institutions and corporations responsible for the so-called “migrant crisis”.

Standing in solidarity with people without papers in Calais, we call for demonstrations and actions against Eurostar, Eurotunnel and the whole border regime of which they are a part. We call for all groups and individuals in solidarity with Calais migrants to protest at Eurostar in St Pancras International station, London, N1C 4QP at 6pm on Saturday 24th October.

We make the following demands:

** Freedom for the channel tunnel walkers currently imprisoned in UK.
** Remember all those killed by Eurostar trains, Eurotunnel and Eurostar to give major compensation to their loved ones.
** Remove murderous security, dogs and fences from the tunnel.
** Ask all passengers to stop using Eurostar and Eurotunnel until all can travel freely: with or without papers, with or without tickets.
** Open the borders.

Arabic callout here.