100+ people evicted from abandoned beer warehouse

At about 9 am Thursday morning van loads of around 50+ police evacuated around one hundred people, mainly from Syria, Sudan and Chad from a large warehouse on rue Mouron which had formerly been used by the Cash & Carry.

The police set up a security perimeter around the site and immediately forced all activists off site.

Once again city workers were employed to clear the site, dressed in white boiler suits and face masks, as if its an operation in pest control.

Screenshot at 2013-09-19 15:10:51

Many people staying at the warehouse had already left, having heard rumours of an eviction in the weeks before.

Less than a dozen people were re-located to government accomodation, out of what had been 150-200 who had been taking shelter there since rue Cailette was evicted a month before.

No bailiff was present and no expulsion decision has been served. People were able to take their bag and possibly some blankets. The rest was piled up and taken to the dump.

All entrances into the warehouse are now bricked up and the yard surrounded by fencing – the authorities are hell bent on making sure empty spaces are kept secure, and empty, so that those they want to disappear from the city have no-where they can take shelter.