Illegal eviction : communiqué

Press release (translated to english)

The former home of the association Le Toit, at 64 rue Auber, 62100 Calais was evacuated 29 August at 14:30 by Police Nationale and Police Aux Frontières. However the people who lived there since Sunday, August 25 at 23h (and over 48 hours) were there legally and had established their principal residence. A letter received to the home with postmarked dated Monday shows they fulfilled the legal obligations.

In addition, the names of the inhabitants were posted at the entrance, and a clear notice on the exterior with the article of law, Penal Code 432-8 modified by Order No. 2000-916 of 19 September 2000 – art. 3 (V) Official Gazette of September 2000 in force 1 January 2002 22: “The fact of a person holding public authority or discharging a mission public service, acting in the course of or in connection with the exercise of its functions or mission, to break or attempt to break into the home others against the wishes of it except as provided by law is punishable by two years imprisonment and a fine of € 30,000.”

In addition, eyewitnesses can confirm that people occupied this property for more than 48 hours.

Despite this, the police did not hesitate to break the law again in carrying out the evacuation of the home and the arrest of its inhabitants placed in custody for 21h. Custody abuse where nothing was communicated to people concerned. This evacuation is illegal, and by order of Mr. Mignonet, deputy managing the environment and transport for the mayor of Calais, based on an inaccurate statement by the town hall : the inhabitants have entered the house only Wednesday and therefore could not justify an occupancy of more than 48 hours. This is despite the clear evidence of their presence since Sunday 23h .

Why have the authorities deliberately circumvented the law by ignoring the evidence? Why engage in a breaking into a home followed by an illegal evictions under patterns that are openly lying? Would it be to bypass the mandatory transition to a decision by the district court as provided by law?

Occupants with their lawyer have the right to file a complaint against the illegal actions of the mayor, but also against Mr. Mignonet and about false information he held in newspapers, on the day of the move people inside the house. This is not the first time that the town hall and its accomplices violate the law and we should not allow them to act with impunity.

Remember also that the advocate has recently released a critical report regarding compliance with laws in Calais by the different institutions, and that continues to monitor the situation very carefully.

Calais migrant solidarity


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