Illegal eviction of rue des Soupirants


11 septembre 026

Everything was well prepared for this new attempt of legal squat.

A large building of l’OPH, abandoned, occupied for more than 24 hours. Evidence had been accumulated, with written and signed testimonies of visitors. The case was referred to a lawyer.

The people sought a bailiff to come and see the occupation.

But no bailiff was willing to come.

The police intervened in the afternoon, when our lawyer went to the prosecutor of Boulogne to demonstrate that the occupation was more than 48 hours and request a legal procedure.

Two people found in the house were taken to police headquarters. They left after about 5 hours, with just a “reminder of the law”.

For once an article in the local press questioned the legality of the expulsion. : Nouvelle évacuation de squat de migrants à Calais : a-t-elle été réalisée dans la légalité?