Notorious CRS unit return to Calais

CRS unit 8 are back in Calais on Monday the 3rd, for 3 weeks.
CRS unit 8 were responsible for many acts of violence and sadism against refugees, in April-May 2008 and in April 2009,  including beatings and gassing in the face…

The refugees still do not always say what happens to them. The Afghans for example, far from the city centre, are often victims of extraordinary police brutality yet are not always able to speak in French about what happens to them.
If you come to Calais, bring cameras if you have them and photograph the police,  even if there are no incidents of note.

CRS, unit 8’s track record of sadistic policing:

CRS 8 tactics have been so inhumane that they have driven refugees to organise demonstrations against police brutality.

For example, in April 2009, CRS 8 officers gassed a pregnant woman. In April the previous year, they beat a wounded Sudanese refugee while he was already on the ground. He had recently undergone a stomach operation. One of the officers, always seen with a moustache, is known to be particularly aggressive, and has been identified by many migrants on various occasions. CRS 8 are also known to have made an Eritrean fall from the roof of the African squat. Further, in April 2008, on a day of particularly harsh weather, the CRS ordered one migrant to remove his shoes and walk barefoot in the snow to the arrest van. Another refugee with an injured arm asked an officer from unit 8 for medication, and demonstrated his inability to move his arm. The officer responded by taking the man’s arm and streching it out fully…”