The demolition continues, day 3

Destruction of living spaces

At least 30 homes in the sudanese area have been destroyed today by the workers from Sogea, protected by the french police.

12 people on hunger strike

12 iranians have stepped out to the front of the police line showing that they are on hunger strike. Five of them with lips sewn together.

As many fires as never before

Since the beginning of the police operation on monday there were several fires every day. It is a mystery and it is unbelievable that until now nobody got seriously injured. All of them in the area that the state plans to destroy. Rumours don’t stop that they have been started by police. As well on the night from tuseday to wednesday  there was a car seen in the jungle, driven by 1 women and 1 man, excused to be fascists, that have been setting fire.

Sure is that on wednesday  afternoon hundreds of police witnessed at least one  massive fire. Not one called the fire brigade, nor did they use their water canon (which stood unused and unmoved all day) to try to eliminate the fire. That fire was not extinct until late in the night.