Death in the jungle…

We have reports that last night 1/3/16, one man of unknown age passed away in the community space of the large Sudanese Tent. We have limited information so far, but what we have (unconfirmed) is that he suffered a heart attack, whilst the police and emergency services were busy evicting the south part of the jungle.

People should not have to suffer like this. The French and UK governments are throwing money into creating more of a problem here in Calais. They come and they destroy peoples homes. They take away what little possessions people have left. People have been through enough stress and worries just to get here to Calais and yet they are treated with as much hostility as the state can muster. This man died in the jungle. He died an unnecessary death. He died in unnecessary circumstances, and should he have been in a different place, perhaps he would have received the medical attention needed.