Run-down of container camp collaborators

container camp

As the state works to gradually demolish the Calais jungle, herd 1,500 people into a ‘container camp‘, and hope that the thousands of other inhabitants will just disappear, we share this info on some of the project collaborators. Most of the research comes from Cette Semaine, loosely translated by Rabble.

Here are some of the companies getting a slice of the 18m-euro cake.

Container suppliers:

Logistic Solutions

Address: Launay des Moulins, 35390 Grand-Fougeray (Ille-et-Vilaine), France.

This small to medium sized company is an old friend of the police and military, as it already worked with Sodexo Defense Services to supply containers to Mururoa (French-colonised Polynesia, and site of decades of French nuclear testing) in a 30m euro contract. Logistic Solutions also supplied the French Defence Ministry with containers for a NATO event in Poland in November 2013, and includes the Egyptian military amongst its customers. For more on its partners, see here.

Logistic Solutions has been supplying containers to Calais since 7th December 2015.


Groupe CW (Clôtures Michel Willoquaux)

Registered trademarks: Clonor and Clowill

Address: 7/21 Route Nationale / 59152, Tressin

The Willoquaux family: Michel (Chairman of the Board of Directors), Christophe (Managing Director), Stéphane (Deputy Managing Director), Andrée (Vice President)

Security (during construction):


CEO: Bardadi Beddiaf

Address: Rue Roger Salengro / Route De Oignies Espace Tertiaire Bata / 62710 Courrières

This company often provides site security for Eiffage, Bouygues etc.

Biometric technology:

Biro Sécurité

CEO: Axel Guillaume Biro

Address: 251 Avenue Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, 62100 Calais

This company is supplying the biometric technology for the container camp and has been a provider of security services for the (la Vie Active-run) Jules Ferry Centre and jungle ‘buffer zone’ since March 2015 (30 security guards and dog handlers). Biro is apparently looking to hire six more guards for the new camp. Biro is doing particularly well out of the ‘migrant crisis’ in the region, as it is also providing ‘secure parking’ for lorries near the motorway, and further afield secures the Saint-Laurent rest stop at Steenvoorde, Belgium, which has also been the site of other migrant ‘jungles’.


SOGEA, a Vinci subsidiary

NGO collaborators:

ACTED (Aide à la Coopération Technique et au Développement).

This is a humanitarian NGO that was spotted helping escort a flatbed truck moving containers in and out the jungle.

Camp management:

La Vie Active charity

Address: 4, Rue Beffara, 62 000 Arras, northern France.

La Vie Active were selected over the Red Cross to run the camp in October 2015.

Managing Director: Guillaume Alexandre

Chairman of the Board of Directors: Alain Duconseil.

Company Director, Director of the Jules Ferry Centre, and container camp manager: Stéphane Duval

The charity is a ‘public services’ organisation and runs 70 sites across a range of sectors, primarily the elderly and disabled. The charity runs the Jules Ferry ‘day centre’ near the Jungle, which also serves as sleeping space for women, who are treated like prisoners. Calais Migrant Solidarity have documented also La Vie Active trying to persuade people to leave parts of the jungle scheduled for demolition.