Another death is another death too many!

At about 2pm this afternoon, Haroon Youssef 19 years old from Sudan, was killed after falling from the axle of the wheels underneath a tourist bus he was hiding in whilst trying to cross to England.

The tourist bus, carrying mostly 13-14 year old teenagers, was heading from Auchan parking at Calais port to cross the channel to Dover.

But for this young person from Sudan there was no ‘legal’ or safe passage to go to England. Criminalised because of his identity he had to risk his life to cross.

Having already survived the murderous overland journey escaping Sudan to travel into Europe, he is killed at the last border.

This is now the 8th reported death in Calais so far this year; the 5th resulting from fatalities from trucks.

Most tourists pass through Calais blind to the struggle of people without papers. For those with papers the border does not exist; the privileged class can pass. While those without papers must risk their life to enter.

Every year thousands of people try to escape Sudan in hope of a better life. The Sudanese people have been under decades of dictatorship from one of the most brutal regimes in the world. The Sudanese government continues to unleash a systematic policy of ethnic cleansing and genocide that has destroyed 90% of black African villages in Darfur, and increasingly attacks people in the Blue Nile and South Kordofan, leaving hundreds of thousands dead and creating millions of refugees across Sudan.

People who have already suffered so much, only face more harassment and abuse from the gate-keepers upholding the borders to Fortress Europe.

From the Sahara to the Mediterranean through to Calais, uncountable lives are wasted. Whether from the direct attacks by police and border forces, or in the attempt to escape their controls, or through the dangerous methods of transit.

The tighter the border controls get the more dangerous the methods to cross become.

In Calais people from areas such as Sudan are more likely to try to cross by hiding on the axle under a bus because they do not have the money to pay mafia who control many of the parking areas and put people inside the trucks.

And the response and logic of those maintaining the border is to fortify their controls and keep trying to push people out of existence.

Modern-day fascism, enforced by border and riot robo-cops and their surveillance systems, can only be made possible by the cross-border collaboration between governments, companies and industries that profit from them.

These deaths will not be silenced and will never be forgotten. People will continue the daily fight for survival against the death wish of the border regimes!

Tear down the fences, tear down the walls!

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