Second flight in four days for an Afghan man + suicide attemps – today June 23th

// Quick update : the plane left without him!! He is back in detention center, where he is supposed to be released tomorrow as it 45th day in detention is coming. He is not doing well but he has support from other detainees and is at least, not deported.

At airport the police beated him. There was around 8 people distributing flyers to passengers to explain them the situation. At boarding there was lots of police plus the Prefecture (which one, we don’t know, if somebody has clue please let us know). The pilot decided to leave quickly, while the man was locked up and masked at the end of the plane. He started to scream and passengers started to stand up in solidarity, making it impossible for the pilot to leave in safety who had to come back and leave the guy in France! //

Today June 23th, the afghan man, who had a deportation stopped last tuesday due to solidarity actions and his resistance in the plane, is having a second flight scheduled for 4.20pm today with Turkish Airlines, from Paris-CDG.

At time of writing, 11.50am, there was still no flights timetable of today in the cabins, which means that the concerned person just heard about it. In desesperation and in order to stop his deportation, the person hurted himself. It is really possible that he will be under sedation in order to force him to be calm at the airport and during all the time of the plane.

Another man who has a deportation today tried to commit suicide. We don’t know him neither his situation now. If his deportation is kept on going, he will probably be under sedation also.

Folks in Paris are trying to mobilize to distribute flyers at the airport Charles-de-Gaule to inform passengers of the current situation. Get in touch with La Chapelle Debout if you can go there.

You can take action :

Contact Turkish Airlines to make pressure on this company collaborating in deportations:

with @TurkishAirlines / #turkishairlines
Turkish Airlines, 8 Place de l’Opera 75009 Paris, France, 01 56 69 44 20
To challenge the government, 01 49 27 49 27
Contact the Prefecture of Pas-de-Calais who is responsible for the detention and deportation of those people and can therefore cancel their decision :
By telephone : (+33) (0)
By fax : (+33) (0)
Other useful contacts :
Minister of Interior Mr. Gerard Collomb

Director of the Cabinet of Mr. Collomb

Secretaire after of Prime Minister for Gender equality

(If you know the contacts of the new members in charge of the ministerial cabinets please write to us and we’ll add it)


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Detention centers kill!

Deportations kill!

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