Saturday, the 19th of october, about 120 people expressed their anger about the ban of the festival “A l’uni Son”, the solidarity festival for the migrants, censored by the mayoress of Calais, Natacha Bouchart.

The mouthes gagged, but attended by the sound of Samba of Lille, the demonstration marched in the rain to the Maison Pour Tous, with a stop at the city hall.

There were signs and slogans:

Bouchart censure la solidarité, solidarité bâillonée. Censure = dictature.

Bouchart censored the solidarity, gagged solidarity, Censorship = dictatorship.

Between the demonstrators there were left asscociations, activists from No Border, students from the university of Calais, the university SOAP of London, political activists of the parti Communiste et d’Europe Ecologie.

In the letter she wrote to the president of Maison Pour Tous to cancel the festival she said in her opinion its a “provocation to organise a festival to support migrants for there the people of Calais suffer from these migrants”.

But it is her who provokes and hoax in order to divide the population between living and surviving in Calais.

The stigmatization of one part of the population, the censorship of the right to express of the ones who refuse the violence of borders and authorities, well, thats the policy of the mayoress of Calais.

The festival of united people is not immune.

There will be another place another day and it will be in Calais, though Madame Bouchart and her racist deputies assistants.