Why no borders?

As we are a network and not a fixed group our ideas might be not all exactly the same. Here is a collection of how some of us feel, what we think and what they are fighting for:

Why No Borders

No Borders, Is the dream for which we fight to realise,
No Borders Is Liberty, the liberty to move or the liberty to stay, to have free access to the land.
No Borders is a dream of revolution, a universal revolution to emancipate the land and all people from the prison that borders create.
No Borders is the point at which the person joins with the people, it is a meeting, a discovery of the other, the moment to come together in solidarity against those who wish to divide and to conquer us, those who have spent centuries building and maintaining the borders, to exploit and maintain their privileges.

To fight against borders is to fight For Freedom.

No Borders is against the absurdity of authority and control,
No Borders is the fight against submission and resignation,
No Borders is against domination and slavery,
No Borders is anti-national and against nationalism, empires and kingdoms, kings and queens and emperors,
No Borders is solidarity and equality of everyone.

Where borders are…
pure violence, borders kill, indiscriminately, the children, so many children…
from the razor wire, electrified fences to the armed fascists and their dogs that patrol them,
to the politicians and technocrats who derive their power of authority from their existence,
and the free global economy,
borders are the prisons and the gulags, the concentration camps, the refugee camps, the detention centers, it is the ‘jungle’…
borders are the edification of violence and brutality.

The border is not only the razor wire, electrified and dog patrolled fence between countries that define nations and states, but also the boundry between men and women, the privileged rich and the wretched poor masses
borders are apartheid, segregation, the ghettos,
borders are about war, disposession, evictions, genocides, rape, colonialism, racism, class divisions, and the maintenance of authority, the arming of the police and the army, profits before people, the fear of the other
and above all they are for the freedom of the economy, the free circulation of goods,
but not humans.

We are taught that borders are necessary for our protection, for our security, for our freedom,
they say that without borders the world would be a fearful place to live, a world of war and chaos.

From where i stand, i see a world divided by borders, they are everywhere,
a world where war and genocide have become banality, where fear and insecurity are spreading,
where humanity is becoming non-existant and humans have become consumers.

So we are faced with a choice, to carry believing the lies vomited from the mouths of politicians and capitalists, or to be brave and join the fight in tearing down the borders between us.