“Who are we?” old statement from 2009

Who are we?

We are a group of people who went to the No Borders camp in Calais in June 2009. We are from different countries. We met and got involved with various groups of migrants in Calais trying to cross the channel, taking food to some of the ‘jungles’, giving information about the UK, doing basic medic work and generally talking. We want to continue these links and continue providing direct aid and show our solidarity with people who are denied the basics of life – decent food, shelter, freedom of movement. We’ve worked under the No Borders banner because we believe people should be as free to travel as the lorries that make Europe rich.

We have been trying to monitor the police, and when possible prevent them attacking migrants and the camps. We have alerted politicians and NGOs to what is happening in Calais. We have protested at the French Embassy in London, UK, and the French Consul in Barecelona, Spain, and at the CRS police and mayor in Calais. We are hoping to get a more permanent space in Calais soon so we can better work WITH you, not for you.