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A body found on the A16

Yesterday, on Monday 1st December at around 7am, the police found the body of a man on the A16 in the direction Calais-Boulogne. It is believed to be a body of a person trying to cross to England, but has yet to be identified.

Due to constant repression, people often make dangerous journey’s across motorways at night, trying to find a vehicle to hide in on roads further away from the tight surveillance of the port and to avoid being chased down by police and their dogs. Or people make a long dangerous walks back to Calais along the highway after getting in a truck going in the wrong direction, or after being dumped outside the police station and detention centre 10km away from town.

So many lives have already been lost on these motorways, like the 16-year old girl from Ethiopia, a 22-year old Sudanese and 26-year old Eritrean who all died in separate incidents on highways all in one week last Ocotber.

We also know that we have arrived at a point of dehumanization where it is not unusual for a driver who struck a ‘migrant’ not to stop.

The border regimes and the situations they create force people to risk and lose their life in a climate of daily repression and violence. The puppeteers of the borders are responsible for each and every one of these deaths, if there can be any justice at all it can only come from the fall of theses regimes!

Freedom of movement for ALL


Un corps retrouvé sur l’A16

Hier, le lundi 1er décembre à environ 7h du matin, la police a trouvé le corps d’un homme sur l’A16 dans la direction Calais-Boulogne. Tout laisse à penser qu’il s’agit du corps d’une personne essayant de traverser vers l’Angleterre, mais il faut désormais qu’elle soit identifiée.

A cause de la répression constante, des gens font souvent des voyages dangereux à travers l’autoroute de nuit, essayant de trouver un véhicule où se cacher sur des routes à l’écart de la surveillance rapprochée du port et d’éviter d’être chassés par la police et ses chiens. Ou les gens font de longues marches dangereuses vers Calais le long de l’autoroute après s’être retrouvées sous un camion allant dans la mauvaise direction, ou après s’être fait rejeté du poste de police et du centre de détention à 10km de la ville.

Tellement de vies ont déjà été perdues sur ces autoroutes, comme la fille éthiopienne de 16 ans, ou un Soudanais de 22 ans, ou un Érythréen de 26 ans, qui sont tous morts dans différents accidents sur des autoroutes durant la même semaine d’octobre dernier.

Nous savons aussi que nous sommes arrivés à un point de déshumanisation où il n’est pas inhabituel pour un conducteur de camion qui percute un migrant de ne pas s’arrêter.

Les régimes des frontières et les situation qu’ils créent force les gens à risquer et perdre leurs vies dans un climat de la répression quotidienne et de violence. Ceux qui tirent les ficelles de ce régime de frontières sont responsables de la mort de chacune de ces morts. si la justice existe vraiment, elle ne peut venir que de la chute de ces régimes !

Liberté de mouvement pour tous !

Two More Deaths On The Border

Last Wednesday a 22 year old Sudanese man was severely injured after jumping off a bridge, in an attempt to gain access to a truck. He died from his injuries a couple of days later in hospital. His friends and community are grieving at the loss.

This news is coming just a few days after the death of a 16 year old girl from Ethiopia, who was killed trying to cross the highway.

This tragic news serves as another reminder that the reality of borders involves constant violence and death. In Calais we are aware of at least 12 deaths since January. Whilst the tragedy that occurred off the coast of Lampedusa in October last year has lead to a greater awareness and discussion of the consequences for those who cross into Fortress Europe are facing, deaths occurring within Europe are still largely ignored. In their report published in September 2014, the International Organization on Migration only recorded 7 deaths on internal borders in the EU.

We will not forget the lives who are lost on this border. We will never forget