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Hospitalised and Robbed by Fascists

Yesterday night a man from Eritrea was abused by a group of racists. They took him some 20 km from where he was abducted close to the train station in Calais, then beat him hard with fists, feet and with an iron stick. He has several broken rips and his face is hardly recognizable.

He got pepper-sprayed and all his money and his mobile were stolen. To get rid of him they threw his body into a pond.

We must not let them get away with this!

Another fascist attack in Calais


People without papers in Calais are regularly subject to violent assault by police and border guards, leading to many injuries and sometimes to deaths. One other bunch of violent thugs we could all do without are the local neonazi morons, who make a small but still very nasty contribution to the pain of the border.

At the weekend, an Eritrean man walking through town was set upon by a small group of fascists driving a black car. They beat him with an iron bar and left him for dead. He regained consciousness and managed to walk back to the jungle, from where an ambulance was called to take him to hospital. He sustained injuries to the head and legs.

This same little group of fascists has been active before. In June, two Sudanese men were beaten also with an iron bar, and a few days later another Sudanese man was run over. The attackers are described as a group of two men and one woman driving a black or grey car. They drive around at night looking for migrants walking alone or in pairs.

Fascism has been on the rise in Calais since late 2013 when Kevin Reche (photo above) and others formed the anti-migrant group called “Sauvons Calais”, responding to town mayor Natacha Bouchart’s call for citizens to inform on migrants squatting in the town. The group has become less active recently, with its recent demos attracting falling numbers of racists. It seems that local neonazis are now turning to less visible and more directly violent ways of venting their hatred.

Fascist attacks in february 2015

black renault driving by a person on a bike. front passenger opens the window and dumps water 
over the cyclist.

fascists in Blue peugot shout "i will fuck you" and other insults and throw stuff out of the 
window to intimidate a group of syrians staying in front of the church

group of four egyptians say that a blue car was trying to run them over on their way from 
Tioxide jungle to the "day center" jules ferry, one of them went to the hospital since he was 
hit by the wing mirror, they informed the police about the incident.

One person from Afghanistan got beaten up by four people in a grey hatchback car near 
galloo squat. He had already  seen them near galloo the night before, when they insulted him. 
This day they used sticks and knuckledusters. people living in gallo confirmed that this car 
drives around their area every night.

One person from Afghanistan was beaten with sticks on the head and stabed in the torso 3 nights 
ago when he was walking back from the parking to tioxode. Afterwards he was taken to the 
hospital with the ambulance and the police was informed by the hospital. 
The fascists were on foot.

Three persons from Sudan were attacked by 4 fascists close to the sudanese jungle at night. 
Two of them managed to escape, but one was gazed by female fascist and then beaten up by three
male fascists. He went to the hospital afterwards and stayed their several hours. He decided to
write a testimony.

At 1 o' clock one person from Germany was intentionally run over by a grey twingo at the 
crossways Boulevard Lafayette and Quai de Commerce (next to match). She has small scratches on 
the legs and the bike is wracked. She made a complaint against x at the police station 
in Calais and recorded the interview with the cops.

Attaques fascistes au mois de février 2015:

Renault noire passe par une personne sur un vélo. Le passager ouvre la fenêtre et jette 
de l'eau sur la tête de la cycliste.

Fascistes dans un peugeot bleu crient "Je vas te faire enculé" et d'autres insultes et puis
lancent des trucs par la fenêtre pour intimider un groupe de Syriens qui est installé en face 
de l'église. 

un groupe de quatre Egyptiens rapporte que une voiture bleue essayait de les écraser sur 
le chemin de Tioxide jungle au «centre de jour» Jules Ferry, l'un d'eux est allé à l'hôpital 
parce qu'il a été frappé par le rétroviseur, ils ont informé la police à propos de l'incident. 

Une personne de l'Afghanistan a été battu par quatre personnes dans une voiture grise 
près du squat Galloo. Il les avait déjà vu près de Galloo la veille, quand ils l'ont insulté. 
Ce jour ils ont utilisé des bâtons et des coups de poing américains. 
Les habitant-E-s de Gallo ont confirmé que cette voiture fait des rondes dans le quartier 
chaque nuit. 

12.02. Une personne de l'Afghanistan a été battu avec des bâtons sur la tête et était pointé
dans le torse, il y a trois nuits quand il marchait d'un parking à Tioxode. 
Ensuite, il a été emmené à l'hôpital avec l'ambulance et la police a été informé par l'hôpital. 
Les fascistes étaient à pied. 

Trois personnes en provenance du Soudan ont été attaqués par quatre fascistes 
à proximité de la jungle soudanaise pendant la nuit. 
Deux d'entre eux ont réussi à s'échapper, mais un a été gaze par une fasciste et puis battu 
par trois fascistes masculins. Il est allé à l'hôpital par la suite et il y est resté 
plusieurs heures.Il a décidé d'écrire un témoignage. 

A 1 h la nuit, une personne de l'Allemagne sur un vélo a été intentionnellement heurtée et 
renversée par une twingo grise a l'intersection Boulevard la Fayette et Quai de Commerce 
(à côté du Match). Elle a des petites rayures sur les jambes et le vélo est cassé. 
Elle a déposé plainte contre X au commissariat de police à Calais, l'entretien avec la police 
a été enregistrée par elle.