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A young girl died at the border // Une fillette meurt à la frontière

Cops and borders killed once again.

In the night from wednesday 16th to thursday 17th, a van driving on the E42 didn’t stop at a police control in the area around Namur (Belgium). The police started chasing them. In unclear circumstances the cops then shot the van. When the van was finally blocked, near Mons, 30 people (“migrants”, in the medias) were found inside, 4 of which were minors. Everybody was arrested, but a little kurdish girl, aged of 2 or 3, who died in the ambulance.

The autopsy gave as reason of the death a bullet found in the girl’s cheek (article in French).

The girl and her parents had been living in Grande Synthe (Dunkerque) and trying to cross to the UK for around a month. Many people that were close to the family and living in the same gym (opened by the town hall to shelter part of the migrant population of the area through winter) blocked spontaneously the A16 Thursday May 17 morning-midday in protestation (see in french here).

People are shocked and made angry by what happened.

We do not forgive, we do not forget.
We will remember you.

Open the borders, they kill and always will!


Les flics et les frontières tuent une fois de plus.

Dans la nuit de mercredi à jeudi,une camionnette circulant sur la E42 a tenté d’éviter un contrôle de police dans la région de Namur (Belgique). S’en est suivi une course-poursuite, et, dans des circonstances troubles, la police a ouvert le feu sur le véhicule. Quand le van a finalement été arrêté dans la région de Mons, 30 personnes ont été trouvées à l’intérieur, parmi lesquelles 4 mineur-e-s.

Toutes ont été arrêtées, sauf une petite fille kurde, âgée de 2 ou 3 ans, décédée dans l’ambulance.

L’autopsie conclut que la fillette est décédée d’une balle trouvée dans sa joue.

L’enfant et ses parents habitaient à Grande Synthe, et tentaient le passage vers l’Angleterre depuis à peu près un mois. De nombreuses personnes proches de la famille et habitant le même gymnase (ouvert par la mairie pour abriter une partie des éxilé-e-s des environs pour l’hiver) ont bloqué spontanément l’A16 ce jeudi 17 mai toute la matinée, en signe de protestation (voir ici )

Les citoyen-ne-s, quelle que soit leur situation administrative, sont choqué-e-s et excédé-e-s par ce qui s’est passé.

Nous ne pardonnons pas, nous n’oublions pas.
Nous nous rappellerons de toi.

Ouvrez les frontières, elles tuent et tueront toujours!

Death at the border // Mort à la frontière

A 16 years old young Eritrean man succumbed to his wounds Wednesday, after having been hurt on the highway near Calais port, on last Friday, the 23, March.

This is the third known death from Calais border in 2018.

A memorial gathering was held yesterday at Parc Richelieu.


Un jeune érythréen de 16 ans a succombé à ses blessures mercredi, après avoir été grièvement blessé sur la rocade portuaire le vendredi 23 mars.

Le rassemblement pour lui rendre hommage a eu lieu hier soir.

C’est le troisième décès connu à la frontière de Calais en 2018.



Death at the border // Mort à la frontière

A 25 years old young man was found dead, stabbed, in Calais yesterday afternoon, Saturday, 17 March.

This is the second known death from the Calais border in 2018. There will be a memorial gathering today Sunday, 6.30, at Parc Richelieu.

Un jeune homme de 25 ans, probablement afghan, a été trouvé mort à Calais hier samedi 17 mars en fin d’après-midi, poignardé.

C’est le deuxième décès connu à la frontière de Calais en 2018. Il y aura un rassemblement hommage ce soir, dimanche 18 mars, à 18.30 au Parc Richelieu.

Death In Calais/ Mort à Calais

This morning, Thursday 31st March, a 22 year old man from Afghanistan was killed after being hit by a truck on the A16.

On Tuesday 29th March, an underage person from Syria was seriously injured after being run over by a truck in the port. He is still in the resuscitation unit, it is still unclear whether he will survive.


This border kills.


Ce Jeudi 31 mars au matin ;un Afghan de 21 ans est décédé après avoir était écrasé par un camion sur l’A16.

Mardi 29 mars ,un mineur syrien à été grièvement blessé après avoir couru près d’un camion vers le port.Il est encore en service de réanimation ,on ne sait toujours pas si il survivra,leur pronostique vital est engagé.

Les frontières tuent.



Another Death Last Night

The media reports that last night around midnight a car hit four Syrian and Palestinian migrants who were walking at the edge of Calais.

One person died, three others were injured. No further details are yet available to the identity of the person killed. The driver responsible fled the scene.

This is the 21st death this year in Calais that we are aware of. (The full list can be seen here)

link to media:



Other deaths in September

There have two deaths in the last couple of months, that we have not yet fully acknowledged.

On the 13th of October, the body of a man found drowned in the port in Calais was identified. The body was found on the 20th of September, but it took a long time to identify him.

He was a Moroccan man, who was 22 years old, he had been in France since at least 2011, when he was controlled in France.

He had gone into the water with someone else on the 16th of September. The other swimmer, another Moroccan man, was rescued and taken to hospital suffering from severe hypothermia. They had been trying to swim to reach a ferry in the Calais port.

The second is a 20 year old Eritrean man, who was hit by a train at around 1am on the night of the 30th of September. He was the second person this year to be hit by a train, the third happened yesterday.

As usual, the main response by the media and the Eurotunnel, was to just discuss this death in terms of effects on the train timetable and traffic.

We mourn for the uncountable loss caused by this border. The fences must fall.

The person who died last night is an Afghan teenager of 17

 The person died last night in the Channel Tunnel is an Afghan teenager of 17. It is the 19th death this year that we know of. He was identified by a family member.

Yet another person killed

Another person dead this morning.

According to the local newspaper:

“A migrant died after being run over by a Eurotunnel freight train”

“On their arrival owards 02.15, the emergency services found that it was impossible to identify the age, sex or nationality of the person, because their body had been “torn to shreds over more than 400 metres” just after the impact, according to the operational centre for the fire and rescue service (Codis) of the Pas de Calais region.”

As has now become standard, Eurotunnel in its twitter announcement feed referred to an unspecified “incident” causing delays of an hour, for which it apologised to passengers.

Elsewhere in Fortress Europe yesterday, an Afghan man was shot dead by Bulgarian police, and seven people including three children and a baby were killed off the island of Lesvos when the Greek coast police crashed into their wooden boat.

At least 19 people have been killed by the border in Calais so far this year. 17 have been killed since June. 13 deaths have occurred in or near the Eurotunnel. (The full list of those deaths we are aware of is here.)


*It has been announced that the person who died yesterday was a 17 year old from Afghanistan*

Another person was killed last night

According to the local media report: someone was killed at around 2.30AM this morning (Thursday 15 October), run over on the highway near the Eurotunnel. It seems she was a Syrian woman, aged around 30. We will post more details later, if appropriate.

15 people have died since 26 June, the majority at or near the Eurotunnel.

Local newspaper report: