Documenting police harassment of migrants in Calais, and the strengthening resistance to this violence by a network of people against the border regime.


If you are a refugee and you are looking for information on your rights in Europe, go here

If you are coming to Calais to show solidarity you can contact us and prepare yourself for coming to Calais.

New to this site? Then read our introduction to the situation here.

Swedish Calais Migrant Solidarity blog: Calais på svenska

German Calais Migrant Solidarity blog: CMS.de

Come to Calais!

Every person intervening can make a huge difference in the levels of police brutality against migrants. We try to maintain a constant activist presence on the ground and need people all the time. If you’re thinking of coming, please email us and we can give you some up to date information, or put you in touch with part of the network near you.

– ‘The Hardest Winter in Calais’, documenting police repression over winter 2009-10

– ‘The Daily Life of Calais Migrants’ , a French film from 2009, but the footage shows the situation well

New! Radical Migrant Solidarity – a practical guide to working in solidarity with migrants in Calais and beyond

See also: Without Borders, a local newspaper written and edited by French activists in Calais


* People needed on the ground over the summer, many evictions are happening constantly… ‘Olympic cleansing’ is driving people out of Calais making it very difficult for ‘migrants’ to exist here.
* We have an exciting new space: a large warehouse for workshops, kitchens, library, bikes and much more



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