Border kills once more // Encore quelqu’un tué par les frontières

(Article de Getting The Voice Out //  from Getting The Voice Out )

Repose en paix Ermiyas Ungessa, Éthiopien, 28 ans, mort sur une autoroute à Tournai en Belgique ce vendredi 20 décembre 2019. Il était le papa d’une petite fille de 4 ans laissée en Éthiopie avec sa mère. Nous nous souviendrons de toi.

Rest in peace Ermiyas Ungessa, ethiopian, 28 years old, dead on a highway in Tournai, in Belgium, this friday December 20th 2019. He was the father of a 4 years old little girl, still in Ethiopia with her mother. We will remember you.

Border kills! Les frontières tuent!

Here is an uncomplete list of people killed by French-english border this year / Une liste incomplète des personnes tuées à la frontière franco-britannique cette année :

1st november : a 24 yo man from Nigeria is found dead in his tent in rue des huttes in Calais, probably intoxicated with carbon monoxide

October 23th: 39 Vietnamese found dead in a truck Essex in England
Pham Thi Tra My, 26, from Ha Tinh
Nguyen Dinh Luong, 20, from Ha Tinh
Nguyen Huy Phong, 35, from Ha Tinh
Vo Nhan Du, 19, from Ha Tinh
Tran Manh Hung, 37, from Ha Tinh
Tran Khanh Tho, 18, from Ha Tinh
Vo Van Linh, 25, from Ha Tinh
Nguyen Van Nhan, 33, from Ha Tinh
Bui Phan Thang, 37, from Ha Tinh
Nguyen Huy Hung, 15, from Ha Tinh
Tran Thi Tho, 21, from Nghe An
Bui Thi Nhung, 19, from Nghe An
Vo Ngoc Nam, 28, from Nghe An
Nguyen Dinh Tu, 26, from Nghe An
Le Van Ha, 30, from Nghe An
Tran Thi Ngoc, 19, from Nghe An
Nguyen Van Hung, 33, from Nghe An
Hoang Van Tiep, 18, from Nghe An
Cao Tien Dung, 37, from Nghe An
Cao Huy Thanh, 33, from Nghe An
Tran Thi Mai Nhung, 18, from Nghe An
Nguyen Minh Quang, 20, from Nghe An
Le Trong Thanh, 44, from Dien Chau
Pham Thi Ngoc Oanh, 28, from Nghe An
Hoang Van Hoi, 24, from Nghe An
Nguyen Tho Tuan, 25, from Nghe An
Dang Huu Tuyen, 22, from Nghe An
Nguyen Trong Thai, 26, from Nghe An
Nguyen Van Hiep, 24, from Nghe An
Nguyen Thi Van, 35, from Nghe An
Tran Hai Loc, 35, from Nghe An
Duong Minh Tuan, 27, from Quang Binh
Nguyen Ngoc Ha, 32, from Quang Binh
Nguyen Tien Dung, 33, from Quang, Binh
Phan Thi Thanh, 41, from Hai Phong
Nguyen Ba Vu Hung, 34, from Thua Tien Hue
Dinh Dinh Thai Quyen, 18, from Hai Phong
Tran Ngoc Hieu, 17, from Hai Duong
Dinh Dinh Binh, 15, from Hai Phong

23th october : Nixon, , 34 years old, Sri lankais, commit suicide at the open center of Lanaken (Belgium)

14th october : A 17yo teenager and a 22 yo young man from Irak are found dead, washed ashore in the Touquet beach (Pas-de-Calais, France). They fell out of a dinghy in a failed attempt to reach the UK.

On August 26th, Nicknam Massoud ,48 ans, is found dead at a wind farm off the coast of Belgium near Zeebrugge. It is likely he was spotted on the 18th twelve miles off the coast of Dunkirk attempting to swim across the Channel to England (link to blog post).

9th august : Mitra M., a 31 years old woman from Iran fallsfrom a dinghy in the Channel. Her body would have been found off the Netherlands shores.

On July, 8th, Geri, a young eritrean man died falling from a lorry on the A29 in Belgium.

On July, 6th, Mr Kouadio, 21yo, a young man from Ivory Coast drowned off the coast of Grande Synthe.

At the end of June, a man from Irak was hit by a vehicule on the highway, around Grande-Synthe. He died in july, after some days in coma.

20th May : a young eritrean man die hit by a car on the A16 highway, around Guemps (nearby Calais)

April 17th : Amaneal, born in 1986, Ethiopian, his body found on a railway at Silly (Tournai)

8th March : Adam usman Kiyar, 20 years old, ethiopian, is found dead in the back of a lorry during border check at the Calais harbour.