They are free! No deportations to Sudan from France // Libres! Pas de deportations vers le Soudan de la France

I and M, both incarcerated in the detention centers of Coquelles and Metz, were at risk of deportation to Sudan. And they are now free! Yesterday, both the prefecture of Pas-de-Calais and Moiselle review their decisions after mails were sent to ask them to cancel their decision to deport them.

They were free following a ”reconsideration of their administrative situation”, a prefectoral decision.

This is great they are out, but both of them still were presented to the embassy of Sudan during their time in detention. M on February 14th; I on February 21th, 3 days before his maximal time in detention of 45 days. France is collaborating with a dictature and we must denounce it.

Thanks for all those who sent mails to the prefectures to stop those deportations, we stopped them!

We call on everybody to continue sending mails to the prefecture everytime there’s a deportation, work that seems nor effective or useful, but that actually get results sometimes. As prefets are the signatories of all OQTF (obligation to leave the french territory), they can therefore cancel their decision at anytime.

Sudan is not safe! Let’s stop all deportations!

I et M, deux personnes incarcerees respectivement dans les centres de detention de Coquelles et Metz, risquaient une deportation imminente vers le Sudan. Et ils sont maintenant liberes! Hier, et la prefecture du Pas-de-Calais et celle de Moiselle, ont revise leur decision apres que des mails leur ont ete envoye leur demandant d’annuler leurs decisions d’expulsion.

Ils ont ete liberes suite a un ”reexamen de la situation administrative”, une decision prefectorale.

C’est chouette qu’ils soient sortis, mais tous les deux ont quand meme ete presente a l’ambassade du Soudan durant leur temps en detention. M le 14 fevrier; I le 21 fevrier, 3 jours avant son temps maximal en detention de 45 jours. La France collabore avec une dictature qu’est le Soudan et nous devons le denoncer.

Merci a tou-te-s celleux qui ont envoye des mails aux prefectures, nous avons arrete ensemble ces deportations!

Nous appelons tout le monde a continuer d’envoyer des mails a la prefecture chaque fois qu’il y a une deportation, travail qui peut sembler ni efficace ni utile, mais qui parfois fonctionne. Les prefet-es sont les signataires de toutes les OQTF (obligation de quitter le territoire francais), illes peuvent donc annuler leurs decisions n’importe quand.

Le Soudan n’est pas un pays sur! Continuons d’arreter toutes les deportations!