Two possible deportations to Sudan (no flight scheduled yet but let’s stay vigilant)

Passeurs d’Hospitalites published last week two articles for two people risking a deportation to Sudan.

I. was arrested in Calais, and is detained since 30 days in Coquelles. All legal possibilities were tried, but he is still inside. Today the judge decided to prolong his detention for 15 days, regardless of the fact he CAN be deported. She simply said that ”rarely” deportations are happening to Sudan. One deportation is too much, rarely too! We know they lie, we know deportations to Sudan are occuring.
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M was deported from Netherlands, cause he’s asylum seeker in France. His asylum claim was rejected but Dublin still apply. He’s now in detention in Metz since 15 days and the prefecture is apparently determined to deport him to Sudan.

The statement of his friends in Belgium (translated from french to english) :
Our friend is not an isolated case … But for us it is not a number … When he arrived in France, 2 years ago, he claimed asylum … He has an operation because he suffers of renal failure … But he’s refused asylum and receive an OQTF … He leaves France and stop his treatments and medications … He then arrives in Belgium and doesn’t know his rights … He wants more then ever to reach England where he thinks he can find refuge protection … An land where he can lives peacefully … He sleeps and share our family house while running after happiness … Everytime he’s back tired, injured, beaten by the police or mafias on the parkings … He has an emergency operation, following fights, because he risks a sepsis … He has a tube that should be have been take off a year ago … He gets a temporary new one … His problems with belgian police and the fear of being deported if a new asylum claim is not working out makes him continuing his path through a dream more and more unreachable … He’s arrested in Holland and is incarcerated in Rotterdam for a month … He suffers and develops a new infection but with what he still have of dignity, he refuses to be bring to emergency handcuffed …. He has pain … He’s beautiful … He’s worthy … He’s not eating as he should … He’s losing forces and slowly losing hope … When we visit him, he’s smiling for us but we see the teardrops he’s trying to hide … Today he was deported to France and is detained in the CRA of Metz … He claimed asylum for the second time which has very low chances of success … Let’s prepare for the worst everybody tell us! A return to Sudan would significate for him death … Because he’s very sick … he lefts his country, his family, his roots, because of threats against him, of a real danger of death, he’s actively searched by the dictature … and certainly not to profit from a very lamentable Europe … But as long there is hope, we’ll fight along his side … We’ll not abandon him …

in french the article –>

You can see here the report of Human Rights Watch :

and the one of Amnesty International :

What you can do :

Challenge the government and ask to stop the deportations:, 01 49 27 49 27
Contact the Prefecture of Pas-de-Calais who is responsible for the detention and deportation of I and can therefore cancel their decision :
 By telephone : (+33) (0)
By fax : (+33) (0)
Write a message or call the prefecture of Moselle, Didier Martin, who’s the author of decision of deportation of M, and tell him to cancel his decision:
Other useful contacts :
Minister of Interior Mr. Gerard Collomb

Director of the Cabinet of Mr. Collomb

Secretaire after of Prime Minister for Gender equality

(If you know the contacts of the new members in charge of the ministerial cabinets please write to us and we’ll add it)