Rassemblement contre tous les fascismes // Demonstration against all kinds of fascism

Suite à l’annonce de la venue du borgne à calais ce samedi 27 mai. Nous appelons à un rassemblement!!!
Rendez vous dans le parc saint pierre à calais, le square près du musée de la guerre. Soyez nombreux face à tous ces fachos.
Pas de fachos dans nos quartiers, pas de quartier pour les fachos!!


Following the announcement of Jean-Marie Le Pen’s coming to Calais, we are calling out for a demonstration !

Being the head of the old-fashioned far right violent movements, this scumbag is coming to Calais to rally around the flag all the fascists that are currently trying to invade our streets, hoping to make the streets their racist bullying ground. The organisation we are speaking about is one of the most active anti-abortion, homophobic and catholic integrists group in France that is now networking with other fascists groups to form a radical and violent racist movement.

Let’s stop them now and smash them up!!

Meeting 1pm at Parc Saint Pierre at the square of War Museum in Calais on the 27th of May.