No Deportations to Sudan!

Update from Nov.17: the deportations are postponed pending a hearing that will take place on Saturday but it still makes sense to contact the prefecture or prepare other plans for the possibility the deportations will still take place. For further details see Passeurs d’Hospitalite.

Update from Nov. 18: It’s true the flights are cancelled for now but the information that the hearing will take place on Saturday was false, according to La Chapelle Debout (see more details there). To keep informed on updates you can text “stop déportation” to 07 68 77 97 16

Update from Nov. 21: Two of the persons who were under a risk of deportation are now free but one other still have a plane scheduled on Tuesday the 22nd at 9.20pm, same flight as last time passing by Doha. Qatar Airways phone number is : (+33) (0) 170950580. See Passeurs d’Hospitalites

Update from Nov. 23: Baker refused to board the plane yesterday, and wasn’t forced to. He remains at immanent risk of deportation, however. See Passeurs d’Hospitalites.

Update from December 2: In the early morning, after OFPRA refused his asylum claim late on December 1, without advance warning, the police deported Baker on December 2, on Qatar Airways.

Deportations from France to Sudan are scheduled to take place this week: One of them is already planned for tomorrow evening from Paris to Doha, likely on a flight by Qatar Airways. We are calling on people to contact the Pas-de-Calais Prefecture and Qatar Airways, or to autonomously think of other ways to disrupt the deportation! (Info below or in French on Passeurs d’Hospitalites)

Sudan has seen decades of civil war (deeply linked to the aftermath of over half a century of violent colonial occupation by Britain and Egypt before its independence in 1956), systematic persecutions of people, rape, aerial bombardments, destruction of means of living and mass killings at the hands of a brutal dictatorship and militias.

The president, Omar al-Bashir, has several arrest warrants by the International Criminal Court out against him for war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity, yet states including France still continue to threaten and sometimes achieve forced returns of people despite well documented evidence of a real risk of immediate imprisonment, persecution, torture or death. So far these deportations are still exceptional in France but further deportations could set a dangerous precedent. Recently deportations to Sudan have been ramped up throughout the EU, especially from Italy, where a new agreement between Italy and Sudan was signed in August. The EU, led by Germany, has not only ignored the systematic violence taking place in Sudan, but is in fact eagerly pursuing collaboration with the dictatorship, delivering cameras, scannners, and other infrastructural support to Bashir’s regime to keep refugees trapped in the region.


Vincennes Detention Center in flames after revolts against a deportation this July.

The information we have is that the person concerned will leave Vincennes detention center tomorrow at 15h, and take a flight later in the evening to Doha. As this is the only flight scheduled to Doha from Paris that evening, it is likely this one (but we emphasize that this is not confirmed):

9:20 PM departure CDG – DOH
Flight Number 3538
Operated by Qatar Airways 38

Another flight is planned for Nov. 19.

Please contact the Pas-de-Calais Prefecture to demand that they cancel their decision to deport:

By telephone : (+33) (0)

By fax : (+33) (0)

The prefecture contact from :

To challenge the government and the people in charge of the Ministerial Cabinets:,,,,,,,,,,,,

Or contact Qatar Airways (unconfirmed but likely operator of the flights) to demand they refuse to operate the flight:

Or on twitter with @qatarairways / #qatarairways

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