Updates from the eviction

Some updates from evictons-

1. There are rumours that everyone will start to be moved from the site tomorrow, that means those in Salam (the Jules Ferry Center), the container and all over the site. They are moving people from other CAO’s to make space for the minors and those still in the in camp.

2. On the 27th of October many people were arrested two or even more times in one day. After they were released, they came back to the city and some were arrested again.

3. People of colour with papers, or those already asking asylum in France have also been checked by the police sometimes up to 10 times a day.

4. People being checked have been surrounded by many cops and cars. For example they used two big police cars for 1 guy. Another example is that they used 15 policemen to arrest 2 minors.

5. Two guys wanted to take the bus and ask for asylum in France but they were caught by the police one day before the first bus. They were released 4 days after the last bus, they said they wanted to claim asylum in France and to take the bus, but because the police kept them they lost the last chance to go to a CAO and they lost their belongings.

6. On the 29th of October, in the night, one 15 year old boy was pushed to the ground and punched by a security guard inside the container camp – they destroyed his wristband, he was a minor. There have been reports of more cases like this.