27th December – 2nd January Weekly Summary

Sunday 27th

Around thirty fascists collected together outside a house on Route des Gravelines. One CRS van was also present alongside an unknown vehicle with a large mounted spotlight shining a bright light into the eyes of volunteer drivers as they pass by.

At around 23:40pm an unknown white car passed by the entrance to the jungle via Rue des Garennes. A firecracker/explosive was thrown from the car window towards a group of Sudanese people who were leaving the jungle. CRS officers ID controlled a CMS activist who was nearby. When enquiring about the incident, CRS officers replied saying “Some people are upset about certain situations here in Calais, people deal with their anger in different ways.”

Monday 28th

At around 08:00am an Iranian man died after boarding a truck with two others destined for England. After they began to suspect it was travelling in the wrong direction, one man tried to visually confirm this by looking out of an opening in the truck and was killed instantly by colliding with a bridge pillar.

Volunteers began laying a road along the side of the new container camp within the jungle. La Vie Active worked alongside the CRS to quickly stop construction of the gravel road. A bulldozer was brought in immediately to remove and clear away the stones that had already been laid. The intention of this destruction is to reduce access points to the main jungle camp.

Tuesday 29th

Twenty seven fascists carrying sticks and metal bars patrol up and down Route de Gravelines between Chemin des Dunes and the bridge. One CRS van was present with three CRS officers stood socialising with the fascists. No CRS were present on the bridge, instead fascists stand watch over the bridge and motorway.

Thursday 31st

Around 80 people both with and without papers gathered outside the Police station / Detention Centre at Coquelles for a noise demo to protest the violence of the border regime and to show solidarity to those imprisoned there. A small group of around 10 local fascists from the group Les Calaisiens en Colere also attended in an attempt to intimidate protesters, but were left subdued by the size of the demo.

In the evening a large group of migrants tried to march into town but were turned around on Rue Mollien by CRS and ordered to return to the jungle.

Shortly before midnight, the jungle was attacked with tear gas shot by CRS from the main motorway bridge that runs over Rue des Garennes. The large cloud of CS gas rising into the air was visible from across the jungle.

Friday 1st

A second female volunteer from the jungle was threatened on Route des Gravellines by knife wielding fascists. The ever present officers took no action and continued to allow the fascists to act with impunity.