The Border Takes Another Life

This morning shortly before 8 A.M. a boy staying in the camp at Grande Synthe lost his life. According to La Voix du Nord, he and 2 other persons had boarded a truck trying to make it to England. After they began to suspect it was travelling in the wrong direction, he tried to visually confirm this by sticking his head out of an opening in the truck and was killed instantly by colliding with a bridge pillar.

We are aware of at least 24 deaths this year at the border in Calais. The total number of those who died anywhere at the French-English border, including at other camps such as Grande Synthe, is even greater.

We demand an end to these pointless killings: even one is too many! Open the borders and bring down Fortress Europe!

EDIT: Friends of the boy report his name was Masud, he was 15 years old and from Afghanistan. He was one of 350 minors whose case was being considered for reunification with his family in the UK. A week after his death, this joint claim from Calais minors was rejected.