20th – 26th December This week in Calais

All week we have seen a growing number of fascists grouping together on a night time outside a house on Route des Gravelines near the Chemin des Dunes entrance to the jungle, and also in cars driving around Calais centre at dark.

Sunday 20th:

A protest against the violence and genocide from the Ethiopian Government, mainly led by Oromo People, was prevented from marching into town by the CRS. The march started at Jules Ferry Centre, and was able to flow through one police line before it was rerouted onto Route des Garennes and back into the jungle.

Fascist presence continues on Route de Gravelines, with small groups of up to 25 present.

Later that night the CRS organised a large operation on Route des Gravelines to stop people from exiting the jungle and going for the trains, with multiple vans occupying the road. Traffic was re-routed and lots of cops were walking around with flashballs and gas cannisters.

Monday 21st:

At around midnight, in the centre of Calais, 5 vehicles with UK license plates had various windows smashed. All vehicles belonged to volunteers from the jungle.

Wednesday 23rd:

CRS approached the small jungle near LeaderPrice during the day. Inhabitants there were ordered to leave and told that there would be an eviction the following day on the 24th. Cops tear gassed inside every house and tent before leaving, making it impossible for anyone to sleep inside. They tear gassed the bedding, the structures of the houses and any food.

Thursday 24th:

12 CRS officers arrived at the LeaderPrice jungle in the early morning. They were unwilling to cross a small body of water outside the jungle though, so they couldn’t come too close. Camp was not evicted.

Two CMS activists in separate vehicles were both separately stopped from entering the jungle by CRS. Both were ID controlled and had their vehicles searched.

Friday 25th:

Huge traffic jam on the A16 between 2-4pm. Reports of over 1,000 migrants blocking traffic on both sides of the highway for over one hour. Tear gas was fired and after several attempts, CRS finally dispersed people with one reported arrest.

Saturday 26th:

CRS drove vans through the jungle in a break from the usual pattern of foot patrols.

During the night, two Sudanese refugees were grabbed by fascists and all their clothes were stolen. Four fascists also stood at the entrance to Chemin des Dunes for a short time.