Two videos of Fascist Activity

Both videos were posted on the Facebook group “les calaisiens en colère” on the night of the 17th to 18th of December.

In the first video someone can be heard to say “je vais chercher mon gun” (im going to get my gun) at 1:03. This is followed by “J’ai un flash ball chef, je peux l’utiliser?” (I have a rubber bullet gun boss, can i use it?)

In the second video, a group of people approach the camera. Someone can be heard saying in French “there are the migrants, there are the cancers” followed by “tonight its war! tonight its war!” At 0.15 through to 0.16 the group approaching the camera turn on thier heels and quickly run away. At 0.18 through 0.19, a pistol can be seen in the left hand side of the video. There is a single loud cracking sound  at 0.20.

Both videos were taken down from the facebook page, but not before they were copied by anti-fascist activists. Fascist gatherings on Route Des Gravelines are now a nightly occurrence. Refugees and volunteers are threatened and attacked with increasing frequency. This has all happened with complete inaction by the police, who are complicit in these fascist attacks and always interact with the neo-nazis on friendly terms.

The fact that the mayor of Calais has called for the army to be sent in and for the “parasites” of No Borders and solidarity activists to be removed from the jungle. Yet despite a security budget in the millions of euros and an huge police presence, they will not lift a finger to stop neo-nazi gatherings. We cannot rely on the state to protect us. Only collective organisation in solidarity can keep people safe.