Silence Kills Darfur People: A Call to Action!

Below is a statement by a group of Sudanese activists living in the Calais jungle in opposition to the deportation of 800 Sudanese refugees from Jordan. We are calling all organizations, collectives and individuals who are supporting refugee struggles to take a stand against the deportation of 800 from Jordan, to be aware of the oppression caused by the government of Sudan and to take actions in front of Jordan embassies and UNHCR offices.
Being silent means complicity!:

East or West, home is the best.

No one hates his homeland, but there is a real problem that leads many people to flee from their homeland.
They did not travel to seek a better life, they are looking for protection.

The majority of Sudanese who have been deported to Sudan had applied as asylum seekers at the UNHCR Office in Amman and many of them were recognized as a refugee and held blue cards from the UN.

They have been taken with violence from in front of the UN office directly to the airport.
What is the role of the UN in this dirty game?

Is it United Nations or United Killing Generation?

If the real aim of the UN is to unite nations, they must help these victims as soon as they can and take a clear position against both the government of Jordan and the one of Sudan.

From the place in which the European governments are segregating us, we are writing this call out to break our worst enemies: silence and inaction.

Because the silence that killed Darfur people still follows Darfurian refugees in Jordan.
Silence complicated our problems and worsened the situation of our brothers and sisters and our beloveds.
They have been deported from Jordan to the hell of Sudan even though they are refugees, most of whom have a UN card and cannot live in Sudan because of the government of Sudan and because of Darfur.
We demand and we request solutions from the UN and we ask the support of associations and lawyers; and we call for better conditions for the refugees.
We hope this time the media will walk out of the silence and hear the call of our voices and put our real picture to the people who really care about our problems.

Our people depend on you, the media. These refugees lives depend on the United Nations and we hope that they solve these difficult problems.

Why has the media been silent about the deportation of refugees from Jordan to Sudan?

What is the role of human rights organizations in what happened?

United Nations should listen to the voice of refugees and support them.

To send someone back to Sudan is the same as if you would send them to hell!! Because these people have escaped the war in Darfur, South Kordofan and Blue Nile and you send them back to the place of war again.