Another Week in Calais

Many things happen in the Calais tumult of repression and border violence and it’s not possible to report on all of them. Here’s a few notes on some of what took place this week :

Sunday, about 70 fascists marched next to the jungle on Route des Gravelines. Activists and migrants were there to observe and film them. Fascists shouted racist insults and police rapidly proceeded to intimidate activists, pushing them and dragging one person filming away for an ID-control.

CRS went around the jungle making another census attempt.

On Monday activists gathered outside the Boulogne court to protest againt border violence and support the no border activist on trial. The racist charge that no borders is organising riots in Calais was proclaimed unfounded in court, although a one month suspended sentence was given for refusing to submit DNA.

On Wednesday morning, there was a traffic jam on the highway near the jungle and many people attempted to get on the trucks. Police fired tear gas into the jungle for about an hour. Someone broke their ankle on the road.

Later in the day, 150 people started a sit-in hunger strike outside of Jules Ferry center.

In the evening, a group of people came back to the jungle from the hospital and while walking on Route des Gravelines were attacked by a group of 10 fascists with hammers and knives. Police reluctantly intervened. It happened in front of a house across the jungle near the highway.

Thursday came. Lots of people organised a major attempt to cross at the Eurotunnel. Media reports that well organised diversionary tactics were used to confuse cops. Police reports that over 400 teargas canisters were fired into the crowd.

Fascist activity continued in front of the same house. In the evening a large group stood in front of the house and intimidated and threathened migrants or volunteers that pass by on their way to the jungle. At least one person was threathened with a knife. Three cop cars were there, seemingly to protect the fascists. There were clashes and police teargassing of the women and children area of the jungle. Both exits of the jungle were blocked by police in the night with use of lots of teargas and possible use of flasball ammunition. A water cannon was spotted.

On Friday morning, activists staged a quiet protest outside the fascist house next to the jungle with banners. During the protest, the inhabitants of the house looked angry, had friendly chats with police and screamed back a bit.

In the afternoon, someone needed a ride to the hospital as police broke his jaw as well as many of his teeth.

Later in the day, fascists respond with an immediate counter demo. A last minute mobilisation gathered 50 fascists in front of the fascist house in the evening. 10 activists were keeping an eye on them from a distance.