Borders are killing us. Stand for Youssef.

12\05\2015 – Today some 300 people, mainly from the Sudanese community with the solidarity from other communities, held a silent protest after the death of Youssef. He was a teenage from Darfur, who has been hit by a car on the motorway two days ago. The day before, an Ethiopian man who is still unknown died in similar circumstances. At least three people are in hospital in a serious condition at the moment after being hit by vehicles. Many more are in hospital suffering injuries or by police.

The crowd marched through the jungle and carried banners in different languages saying things like ‘Today Youssef. Tomorrow who?’, ‘No to racism. Yes to rights. No to terrorism’ and ‘Do survivors of war not have the right to live in peace?’ The crowd were blocked at the entrance to the jungle by  a line of CRS. After an hour of occupation, the people returned to the jungle and held a vigil in front of the Jules Ferry centre. After they held a meeting in order to discussed how to continue to mobilize  for freedom of movement. There was the feeling that numbers and unity between communities in the jungle can help break the state of siege in which people find themselves, and they are asking  for French and international support to do this.
Earlier in November, a protest by families and children living in the jungle was attacked by police
and a peaceful demonstration by Beduins from Kuwait managed to march to the ferry port and back without being stopped.