Hunters in the Jungle

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On the 14th of November two hunters were spotted closer to the camp than usual. They were found half concealed inside a hollowed out bush approximately 30 metres away from a part of the camp which is mainly inhabited by families with children. When asked to leave they insisted they were within their legal grounds whilst shooting at open sky, at what appeared to be nothing. With the two men there was also an infant no more than 5 years old, crouched on the ground shivering.

When approached and challenged they stated “refugees traffic arms in the jungle so we should be armed as well”.

During this encounter some locals tried to talk to them, asking why they were firing shotguns into air. The hunters refused to engage in further dialogue despite numerous appeals to reason.

As more people were drawn by the noise and alerted by phone calls, they eventually packed up and left clearly uncomfortable of being observed. When walking out of the jungle, the hunters stopped and spoke to CRS in a friendly manner and what appeared to be good terms.

There’s the law and then there’s the police.

French law states land within a circumference of 150 metres around a residential property is excluded from any shooting rights unless specifically granted by the owner. The closest houses to the spot were less than 50 metres away. Needless to say, in the vicinity of their shooting range is located a camp that encompasses victims of war traumatized by terrible atrocities and horrors which leads them to flee their home country and cross Europe in terrible conditions.

Not only is it legally questionable but in terms of basic humanity, and we appeal this to be brought to light and denounced.

People in the camp were asked about this and many stated “it is a fairly routine event and we hear the noises of them firing almost everyday. Often shotgun pellets and cartridges land on the roofs of caravans and tents in the women and children’s area.”