A Statement Against The New Camp from Residents of the Proposed Construction Site

Tomorrow, November 2nd, was announced a few weeks ago as the day on which construction should start on a new, closed container camp for 1500 people (see our previous post). However, as of today there are still many inhabitants living on the proposed construction site. It remains highly unclear what will happen to them if they don’t move voluntarily. While some have already relocated, a number of those living in the area reject the demand that they move and wish to protest against their eviction.

Below is a statement from one group of residents on their reasons for refusing to leave their homes:

  • “Construction of the new camp will be right in the middle of the current camp but it is not a real solution for the problems of refugees.
  • The capacity of the new camp is 1500 places which is not sufficient for the refugee population of Calais.
  • The place the government has chosen for the construction is not viable to build a camp.
  • Decisions taken by the French government are unclear to us.
  • The French government forces refugees to evacuate the zone chosen for the construction of the new camp.

    Therefore we,­ the refugees present in this area,­ refuse to submit to this ingrate politics of anti-solidarity. The day that the government forces us to leave for this construction, that will be the day of our protest.”

French translation of their statement:

  • La construction du nouveau camp sera en plein milieu du camp actuel, mais ce n’est pas une véritable solution pour les problèmes des personnes réfugiées.
  • La capacité du nouveau camp est de 1500 places, ce qui n’est pas suffisant pour la population réfugiée de Calais.
  • La zone choisie par le gouvernement pour la construction n’est pas viable pour un camp.
  • Les décisions prises par le gouvernement français nous paraissent peu claires.
  • Le gouvernement français force des personnes réfugiées à évacuer la zone choisie pour la construction du nouveau camp.

En conséquence nous – les personnes réfugiées présentes dans cette zone – refusons de nous soumettre à cette irrespectueuse politique d’anti-solidarité. Le jour où le gouvernement nous forcera à partir pour démarrer les travaux, nous protesterons collectivement.