Update on the 3 Channel Tunnel refugees imprisoned in the UK

Abdul Rahman Haroun, 40, from Sudan, has been held for nearly three months in a cell at HMP Elmley, Kent. He faces 2 years in prison.

Mr. Haroun, was forced from his village near Darfur, after it was attacked by government forces. He is unable to speak English, he cannot read or write Arabic and is very isolated in prison.

To send Abdul a message of solidarity, of kindness, or a £5 postal order for phone calls, address the envelope to:

Abdul Rahman Haroun, PN A0964CX, HM Prison Elmley, Church Road, East Church, Kent ME12 4DZ

Postal orders must be made out to: “The Governor”, on the back of the postal order write: Abdul Rahman Haroun PN A0964 CX

2 Iranian men, Payam Moradi Mirahessari, 25, and Farein Vahdani, 20, also made the journey through the tunnel.

It is understood that they used a movable plank to avoid live wires that would have caused serious injuries. They were also arrested in Folkestone and were charged under the same piece of legislation used against Abdul Rahman Haroun.

If you have any information regarding their wherabouts please contact: calaisolidarity@gmail.com