Action against the Eurostar Terminal in St Pancras –

On Friday last week there was an action held at the Eurostar terminal in St, Pancras Station, London was a great display of solidarity with people living in Calais who are trying to reach the UK. Many simultaneous actions and rally of 500 or so people took place that blocked the station for several hours, caused delays on Eurostar trains, hitting the company where it hurts, which is also the only place it cares about.

Since June this year 15 people we know of have died trying to cross to the UK via the Eurotunnel in Calais, through which Eurostar trains run. The response from Eurostar to these deaths has remained largely at the level of apologetic statements to customers and the press about unfortunate and ‘frustrating’ delays. Seeing such loss of life as an adminstrative inconvenience (how dare people die on our tracks and delay our trains?) speaks volumes about their lack of humanity.

We were very excited to watch coverage of the demo. We welcome similar events, we need to keep applying the pressure on Eurostar, and acts of civil disobedience and protest are important parts of that. The border is not just in Calais.

There is another action planned at St Pancras on the 24th of October, and we have heard today that a simultaneous demonstration will be happening, in Paris starting at 3pm in Place des Fêtes (line 11 on the paris metro) going to La Chapelle. These are both in solidarity with those currently imprisoned in the UK for walking through the tunnel.

There is no freedom, until there is freedom for all!