Fight the criminal gangs

“Franco-British joint declaration of august 21, 2015

On 20 August 2015 in Calais, Bernard Cazeneuve, Minister of the Interior, signed an agreement with his British counterpart, Mrs Theresa May, providing for a strengthening of security measures […] Exceptional resources were provided to ensure its security and prevent intrusions by migrants trying to reach the United Kingdom. […] Today’s agreement states that the British government will devote euro10 million over two years to strengthening police cooperation and providing additional resources to make the site secure, financing security fences and CCTV cameras. It will also help Eurotunnel increase the number of its security staff from 150 to 250.
[…] 12. Since the end of June this year, as a result of increased security at the port, migrants have switched their focus,
seeking to gain access via the Coquelles and Cheriton railheads of the Channel Tunnel (including at significant risk to their own lives).”
No fences will ever stop people from trying to reach UK. More fences, more police, more gas, more  broken legs, more death. That is all you get for your millions of pounds. The only way to stop the killing is to fucking open the gate to the UK that the humans who are stuck here don’t have to risk their lives but travel in security and dignity.

One day you going to be pay off for the people you are killing on the border here in Calais. You know that with every euro you invest in the “security of the border” you are driving humans to death and suffering.