Another Death in the Tunnel

A man from Syria was electrocuted in the Tunnel on the night of the 17-18th September. He was electrocuted by a power cable as he tried to jump onto the roof of a train. It is believed that at least one, if not two other people were also hospitalized from the same incident.

We absolutely condemn the mainstream media for once again focusing on this tragedy as nothing more than something that can effect the traffic.

This death, as are the others from this summer are a direct result of the increased controls and security in Calais, forcing people to take bigger and bigger risks. And it is not just us who believe this, the the UK/France Joint Declaration signed last month, both governments made it clear that they are fully aware that these deaths are at their hand. And yet they have continued, leading to the loss of another life.

We would also like to remember Mouaz Al Balkhi, 22, and Shadi Omar Kataf, two Syrian men who went missing from Calais last October 2014. Their bodies were identified over the summer after links were discovered between two bodies washed up hundreds of miles apart in the Netherlands and Norway. It is believed they drowned trying to swim to the UK on the 7th of October 2014.

Now they have been added, this brings the death count from this border to 19 known deaths in 2014. And 13 from 2015.

We will not forgive and we will never forget. We stand with those who are mourning their loss. These borders kill. One death would have been too many.