VIDEO: Calais Police hand truck driver baton to assist in violence against refugees

On Wednesday the 15th of April 2015 one of our cop watch teams captured this footage of two CRS riot police handing a truck driver their batons, with the intention of assisting him in the illegal assault of refugees found in the back of his lorry. We have heard many stories from migrants about how the police beat them in the back of trucks where you are ‘at their mercy’ and there are no witnesses. This sadistic tactic is used to deter refugees travelling to Britain. The footage was captured near the entrance of the Euro-Tunnel and shows French police breaking French law by handing a lorry driver their weapons and watching as he uses them to assault or intimidate unarmed and vulnerable people inside his vehicle. You see the police handing their batons to the driver at 1 minute 16 seconds and 1 minute 50 seconds in the video.

CRS hand driver baton 1min16secPolice hand another baton to driver 1min 50sec

At 2 minutes 53 seconds you see a migrant coming out of the truck. From 4 minutes 10 seconds you can see the CRS van registration AL 178 JH, despite distortion created by the heat of the day. We apologize for filming this crime at long range and not intervening but have learned from bitter experience that making ourselves known to the police results in cop watch teams being assaulted, arrested and having their cameras destroyed, leaving the violence to continue undocumented. This video clearly shows the French state breaking its own laws in order to assist the British state in its dirty and illegal war of intimidation against refugees. Unfortunately this is not an exceptional incident but an example of the disgusting tactics deployed every day to enforce the border in Calais.