Who was Jules Ferry?

The Jules Ferry Day Center is officially opened. While presentetd as a humanitarian solution to what (right wing) media, politicians and the state call „migrant crisis“ it is mainly a place of control, repression and segregation and stands for the racist and neo-colonialist imigration policy of UK and France. We should have expected nothing less than it being named after a colonialist. It would be cynical if it wasn’t so self-evident.

Jules Ferry is known for being a politician and prime minister of France in the late 19th century. He is famous and celebrated for introducing free primary education for boys. Nonetheless even a brief internet research shows everybody that Jules Ferry was a racist, proponent of colonialism and instigated for example the colonization of Tunesia. In a speach 1884 he stated amongst other things:”We must say openly that indeed the higher races have a right over the lower races…”. He supported colonialism to ensure France the „first rank“ in the world just like now the French governement supports the ongoing explotation and migrants from the global south in Europe to ensure their economic and political power. However because his politics of colonial expansion and explotation of areas in Africa was not (fully) supported by the parliament he was forced to resign in 1885. Nonetheless he is now listed multiple times as one of France’s outstanding personalities and the naming of roads, buildings and institutions shows how uncritical the French state is of him.

Now People who are in Calais because of the violence of colonialism and neo-colonialism in their home countries are forced to use the new day center that is named after a racist and colonialist.
This is nor a surprise or a contradiction, it just shows exactly what the Day center Jules Ferry is and is meant to be.