Why we are not moving ; from residents of Galloo

The end of March has come. There are many people who have, under the threat of eviction and violence from the police, gone to the new camp around Jules Ferry. However there are some people left in some of the old living places who have no intention to move.

Here is a statement from some residents of Galloo about why they are not going to leave

– In the new place there are no walls to protect the people from wind, it is open without any protection from the rain. The squat we have now protects us from the weather

-The new place can be controlled by the police and they will be able to make restrictions on people’s movement

-Government will not provide toilets or electricity or building in the new place

-This place we have now is near to the prefecture, and other associations and organisations some of us need to see for making aslyum in France

-Some people demand asylum in France and they have applied for a home. They decide not to go until they get their homes

-The new place is far from the centre and far away from where we normally live in Calais

– There is too much garbage in the new place and its not hygenic, many people will get sick

– His industrial area and there is too much smoke because of fire and plastic being burned

– There is bad drainage and there is too much grass, and the place is for hunting may be dangerous for being shooting by chased gun

-Some organisations which give food here can’t go with us to the new place

-There is not enough space for everyone

-It will be difficult for us to adapt to the new place