Another Death in Calais

A 28 year old man from Ethiopia died in Calais in unexplained circumstances of the 14th of February. His friends had left him in the morning, and when they returned to their camp in the evening, he was dead. He died alone in a little makeshift shelter in a makeshift camp near the big jungle Tioxide.

Two doctors attended the scene: the first a female doctor who arrived with the paramedics, who said there was a bruise on the man’s nose. The second doctor from the police recommended that a post-mortem is made. Some of his friends are saying that three days before the man was beaten by a lorry driver.

People from the Ethiopian community came from all around Calais; tioxide, Bois Debruille, Galloo and the women’s house to grieve together.

The price for your borders is too high. We will never forgive and we will never forget