Call out against fascist demo

On the 25th of January the fascist group Sauvons Calais are planning a march against migration at Place d’Armes at 2 am.

Now is the time for movement – we call for migration and any action attacking the fascism we see rise around us. In Calais we see more fascist gatherings, more threats, whilst the occupation of life by the state is ongoing. More and more the cops impose their control on the streets, jungles, houses, places were we live and sleep, our movements, the harbour and the highways, the parkings and the gas stations. Still the deaths caused by the border regime continue. The law of Europe. The fascist voices getting more seats in the shiny parliamentary rooms.

We call for anti-fascist mobilisation. The wind showed us the way in December, blowing down the new security fence at the port, installed by the UK government in a €15 million deal with the French authorities to seal the border. All things can be torn down. We dream of a time when not only so called organised fascists will not gather in the streets, but also cops and politicians responsible for the border regime don’t have the opportunity to rule over our lives and movements.

No nation, no state, no cops, no borders. No asylum system that can deny you a place to live. No Eurodac.

We call on you, to join us in anti-fascist reactions against the daily threat here in Calais as well as the specific threat from Sauvons Calais on the 25th and the days around. The threat of fascist violence is often bigger just before and after these gatherings rather than on the march itself. And at this moment in particular we have seen a surge in racist anti-Muslim attacks here in France.

A call out for the counter demo itself will be sent out separately.

We will be here. Bring your friends and tents and come. There are possibilities to stay in squats and jungles. It might be cold and rainy so good clothes and warm sleeping bag can make life a bit easier.

NO BORDER – Calais