Threat of Deportation: 8 People Released

Todays court case concerning eight person’s detention and deportation to Sudan, the tribunal in Lille decided to stop the procedures of deportation. Later in the afternoon all eight people from the court case were released.

ni retention ni expulsion

We are of course happy for our friends to be out of prison and without threat of deportation – but we also wish for all other prisoners to be free. Even if these people got released after four days, there are still a lot of people in the detention centre in Coquelle as a consequence of the border regime.

During the court case, both the translation and the information about the right to solicitor to the people threatened with deportation were terrible and confusing as they were not aware of what was being said, and who is their solicitor. At the same time cops from Police Aux Frontier were walking around making jokes and talking about what they were going to have for lunch.

Strength to everybody locked up as a consequence of the border regime – free all prisoners!