Deaths In The UK

In the evening of the 12th of December, a man from Sudan was crushed under the wheels of the lorry that had just brought him to England from Calais. He was killed on the side of the M25  when him, and a friend he crossed with, were trying to climb out from underneath the lorry and the lorry started to move again. It is reported that his friend was unharmed.

Even though this death did not happen in Calais, it is a consequence of the same border and extremes people have to go to to cross it. As are the deaths of Ahmed Osman, a 17 year man from Eritrea, who died under the wheels of a bus in Norfolk in July this year and Meet Singh Kapoor a 40 year old man from Afghanistan who died August this year in an air tight shipping containing arriving in the UK from Belgium. We remember them all.

Too many people have been killed this year at this border. One would have been too many.

1st December : a body of an unknown person was found dead on the A16 in the direction Calais-Boulogne.

19th November : a truck heading to England from Dunkirk catches on fire killing two people hiding inside.

25th October : a 26 year old man from Eritrea was hit by a car after being released from Coquelle detention centre. He was 9 days in a coma, and died on October 25th. He had only been two days in Calais.

24th October : a 22 year old man from Sudan died after attempting to jump onto the top of a lorry off a bridge. He died in hospital of his injuries.

20th October: a 16 year old woman from Ethiopia was killed crossing a major highway near Calais

26th September : a young man from Sudan died after falling into the canal in Calais. Two of his friends had jumped in to try and help him out of the water, but were unable to do so.

23rd May : Youssef Aroun, 19 years old from Sudan, was killed after falling from the axle of the wheels underneath a tourist bus he was hiding in whilst trying to cross to England.

5th May : Mengs Medhane, 16 years old from Eritrea, died after jumping from a truck he thought was heading to England.

15th March : A person from Ethiopia was killed having hit his head whilst hiding in a truck he thought was to going to England.

14th March : At midday, Senay Berha from Ethiopia, was found dead in the river near the camp known as the Eritrean camp. He had been missing for some days.

12th March : In the night, Mesfin Germa from Ethiopia, died on the A26 motorway near the rest area Rely, struck by a vehicle. The driver did not stop .

9th March : an Albanian man was stabbed and killed on the motorway outside of Calais.

3rd February : An Iranian exile thirty years has been killed by a bullet to the chest in the Industrial Zone Marcel Doret.

30th January : a 17 year old boy from Iran is killed by being driven over by a truck whilst trying to cross the border into the UK.