Fire inside a truck kills two people in Dunkirk

On Wednesday 19th November a truck caught fire at the ferry terminal on Loon-Plage road (North), near Dunkirk, killing two people hiding inside trying to cross to England.

The truck was traveling from Brussels and was about to make the channel crossing to the UK from Dunkirk. The two people inside had already made it passed the police controls, and would have been waiting for their last crossing in their journey to England. There was an explosion inside the truck, the cause is unknown, but the truck was carrying inflammable expansive foam and its believed it could have caught fire from a cigarette.

The names and origins of the two people have yet to be identified. And it is unsure if there is any friends or family who know what has happened.

There is no justification for the situation that makes people have to risk their life like this. It is only the privileged class that do not see, or care, how people suffer to survive at the hands of these border regimes.

Whether putting plastic bags over the head to evade co2 monitors put inside vehicles, or hanging on the axle between the wheels of a truck, or paying the last of what you have to go in ‘the cold car’ – the frozen meats trucks – because you can’t afford to pay mafia for help getting into a regular goods vehicle, people will go to any means necessary to try to find a better situation.

These border regimes must fall and these racist controls must end. These borders are born from a brutal colonial past and continue to be used to perpetuate imperial and capitalist throttles on our societies. Modern states try to turn movement into a right that they can grant or deny, and try to be the messiahs over peoples destinies, deciding who can pass and who must disappear.

Freedom of movement is not a right, it is a real living force that people enact every day despite the barriers, walls and border controls put in the way.