At the end of October another person has been killed in Calais.

Afom had been two days in Calais. He was arrested and taken to Coquelles police station, after his release he was hit by a car. He was taken to hospital in Lille, where he remained in a coma for 9 days until he died on October 25th. He had yet to know anybody in Calais, and his death has only just been known by members of his family.

He came from Eritrea, he was 26 years old.

It is the third death within one week during the end of October and at least the twelfth death since the beginning of the year at the hands of the border regime.

In Calais, like at so many other points in peoples journeys, people risk their lives every day whether crossing at night, jumping into trucks, or from them, hiding inside goods vehicles or beneath the axles between wheels, trying their chance in the water, or by simply being in the streets under the constant harassment from police or, like Afom, making the long walk back to town after being dumped outside by the police in unfamiliar and far away places.

There is no justification for the countless suffering and death inflicted on people by the borders. There is nothing natural or inevitable about these borders or ‘immigration’ regimes and the conditions they create. It is socially and physically enforced by racist and xenophobic institutions that create, and normalise, environments where those with a certain kind of identity and money in their pockets can walk down the street with ease and pass through borders as many times as they like, while those who don’t fit into the ‘right’ categories face constant police controls, 9ft fences, are chased down by police and their dogs, teargassed, beaten up, pushed up against walls, onto the floor, into police vans, thrown in detention, and disappeared.

How many more must die from the border! One death is too many! These border regimes must end NOW and FOREVER!

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